Travel Europe Without Breaking the Bank

I just returned from the most amazing vacation (or "holiday" as they say in Europe) and it was the vacation of a life time. We took three weeks and cruised the Mediterranean - what a great way to travel!  We booked a trip out of Barcelona Spain, spending four days in Barcelona and then on to Toulon, France, Italy (Florence, Pisa, Italy, Rome, Naples) and Greece (Athens and Mykonos) and then Turkey, stopping in both Izmir and Istanbul. We finished this amazing trip with four days in Venice. It was like a dream! ...more
that would be very helpful! my husband and i spent 4 days in venice earlier this year and boy oh ...more

I'm Almost Ready!

Alright I am officially done packing the checked baggage.  Well except for one more pair of khaki capri’s that I want to bring that are in the washer.  I completely unpacked this morning, laid everything out on my bed, and started whittling down my load.  I put away 4 sweater/jacket things, 1 pair of capri’s, 1 pink tank top, a couple of pairs of undies and switched out some shoes.  ...more
:-) You are ready ... (ready or not ... :0-)) Have fun, Karen!more

What to Do, What to Do? How Many Pairs of Shoes for the Cruise?

Update:  Now that hubby put the D800 on the insurance policy, I'm no longer worried about bringing it or leaving it at home.  It's traveling to the Mediterranean Sea with us.  Thanks for your help you guys!  ...more
 @elaineR.N. yes, i totally know the feeling of not packing enough (and the subsequent shopping ...more

What To Do, What To Do? Do I Dare Bring The GOOD Camera?

Oh man, I just can’t decide.  Which camera should I bring?  I’ve been researching the webz and read that you should leave valuables at home.  Actually the wording went something like:  Don’t take anything you would mind losing.  Don’t wear flashy jewelry, there goes my bling dangit.   ...more
 @carolinabeckey Thank you so much :)  more