Being a lady doesn't come easily to me

There. I admit it. I decided this now, looking back on the hours it took for to prepare for this meeting, looking at my filthy computer screen, smear marks obscuring my view. Somewhere, sometime, I switched from tomboy to woman, but the finer details got lost in translation. I value ladydom. But it's not easy. ...more

The Best Etiquette Tips for 3 Types of Business Meetings

As a CEO, I don’t run all of my meetings exactly the same and neither would I recommend doing that in the workplace. Some meetings I take the lead on. Others I don’t and one of the department managers takes the reins instead. And many meetings are a mix of shared leading effort alongside other partners. Regardless of who leads a meeting or how informal the setting is, it’s always a good idea to keep a few etiquette tips in mind when it comes to meetings of any kind, especially in the following three formats....more

Employer Fines Workers for Being Late: What Do You Think?

Anyone who has ever attended a meeting knows how annoying it is that people trickle in late. Depending on the people involved it might be running a few minutes behind or way late. My opinion is that being late equates to disrespecting other people's time. Not everyone feels that way. So, what's the solution? I'm not saying anyone is perfectly on time all the time (myself included). We've all arrived to meetings late and slithered in mumbling our apologies. Yet, you and I both know people who are systemically late. Like all the time, every time late. ...more
I think its pretty extreme. I'm ok with fining people but the amt is way to high I think they ...more

Healthcare: This Uninsured American is Listening!

I’m ashamed to admit it but I haven’t really been paying that much attention to these town hall meetings where they’re supposedly discussing healthcare issues. But I am now. Why? Because I don’t have health insurance. I just pray a lot.   ...more

10 Ways to Double Your Time


Excellent tips Beverly. The best tip that I can give from my side is the early rise in the ...more

Begin with a Smile

Last week I was driving along the zig-zag roads that climb and descend the Green Mountains to a Build Your Family workshop that I was giving to a bunch of parents.  During the drive I replay my six hour workshop in my head, sometimes quizzing myself about the sections and going through the possible questions I would be asked.  I do all this to squash the fear that someone may fall asleep as I explain the need to come ...more


I am a doodler when I’m in meetings or other situations where I will probably take notes.  (I take notes a lot.)  I find doodling helps me pay attention/concentrate.  I create borders on the page, sketch my cast of voluptuous and thin stick figures, and/or draw faces with expressions to match my feelings.  Sometimes I play tic-tac-toe – but that doesn’t work too well because I always win.  Meanwhile, I take copious notes, putting as asterisk (*) by anything I need to follow u ...more

Care to share some shots of yours? I'll show you mine...

Doodlers unite!

BlogHer ...more

Byting off More than I can Chew

...and as I rarely post on a weekend, this is quite a treat for you!! Yes, I am a bit cocky this morning. I had a few good date nights this week which I totally needed before my self esteem goes down the tube. I just can't seem to close a deal over the tele-cellie these days. As you all know, I hate the phone, hate talking in it with a passion. I am much better in the flesh... ...more

To whomever is reading this.....I think I just talked myself in to trying out ...more

He Said, She Said - Do the right thing

Last night one of our student entrepreneurship teams met with a self selected group of mentors (myself included). This group's mission is to help this student business prove their concept in order to attract investments. It was a wonderful meeting and everyone there was donating their time to be there - NO EQUITY NECESSARY!!! WOW! ...more