Can Women Have It All?

A few weeks ago, I read a thought provoking Harvard Business Review blog by Sylvia Ann Hewlett of the Center for Work-Life Policy....more

BlogHer's 2010 Election Watch List: Races and Issues

Following all of our political coverage up to Election Day, the BlogHer political team has put together a watch list of races featuring women candidates and unique initiatives in a variety of states. We'll be covering each of the races on the Watch List all day Tuesday as results come in, and Wednesday as we get final poll numbers and write-ups from community bloggers. ...more

I'll second that! I believe conservatives want to show that women are dumb, belong back home and ...more

2010 Election: California Governor (Whitman vs. Brown)

BlogHer's been covering the California gubernatorial race between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown from both sides of the aisle. What, if anything, does this race have to tell us about women CEOs making the leap from business to public life? What about Whitman's campaign and her connection, or lack thereof, to women voters? We'll keep you posted: ...more

Whitman finally conceded.more

Why I'm Choosing to Ignore the Actions of Meg Whitman's Sons (Mostly)

While some mistakes children make may be a direct response to something their parents did, most of the time, once they are adults, it has nothing to do with us. Right? I’ve been wondering this question both as a mother and as a California resident who has been watching very closely the heated gubernatorial race that has entered its home stretch. Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and one candidate in the race, has been plagued with some extra baggage during this campaign, the heaviest coming from her own two sons, Will and Griff Harsh. ...more

More than just how a child is mothered contributes to how kids turn out. Fathered, society, ...more

BREAKING: At The California Women's Conference -- Stick a Fork In Meg Whitman (Done)?

What started off as a lightweight chat among seasoned politicos (current California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and gubernatorial candidates Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown) at the Women's Conference in Long Beach developed unexpected heat when Matt Lauer asked Whitman and Brown if they'd remove all negative ads from the airwaves -- and the crowd jeered Whitman. ...more

Am so glad you got a tingle from Michelle Obama's highlighting of the BSF 2010 Survey.

I ...more

California's Battle Royale: In Whitman v. Brown, Advantage Whitman

Resisting the obvious Beauty and the Beast jokes won't be easy. California voters have a choice to make on November 2nd, and after tonight's debate, Jerry Brown cast himself as serene Beauty but his demeanor was more beastly than ever. I could hardly believe my eyes. I remember meeting him during a 1992 presidential primary stop, where he stood in a park near a river and waxed poetic about the Constitution. ...more


Ms. ...more

Final Brown-Whitman Gubernatorial Debate: Did We Learn Anything New?

Partisans for each will tell you Brown or Whitman "won" last night's third and final debate between the California gubernatorial candidates. (There's a good summary of the debate plus video at the LA Times.) But I look at it this way: did we learn anything new about the candidates in their most heated and personal exchange yet? ...more

Thanks for this thoughtful analysis. If I were a CA voter, I would definitely be voting for ...more

Meg Whitman's Latino Problem

California candidate for governor, Meg Whitman, has been in the hot seat since last week when her former housekeeper, Nicky Santillan, made allegations that she was mistreated, and oh by the way, the housekeeper was here working for them illegally. Next thing you know, Whitman's on stage in a Spanish language debate, being asked about immigration and the DREAM Act. That's when it got really ugly. ...more

I’m a liberal Democrat (not from CA) and I’m rooting for Jerry Brown. I don’t like the way ...more

Politics: The Hottest Midterm Election Races of 2010

Congress is the talk of the town with the election only two months away. The big topics: the economy, balance of power, and women candidates. A few governors' seats are also up for grabs with strong women contenders. We wanted to highlight some of these hot races -- particularly the ones with women candidates from both major parties. ...more

What I like about Tarryl Clark is that she's a listener. I met her at Netroots Nation and she ...more

Questions for Candidates? We'll Get the Answers.

BlogHer is undertaking an exciting effort again this year to bring campaign news and information to our community, including from the candidates themselves. We're proud to announce our partnership with 10Questions for the election, a great program put together by our friends at the Personal Democracy Forum and funded by the Knight Foundation. 10Questions brings your questions to the candidates, and provides a simple interface to get the answers. ...more

Great ideas. It's too easy to tune out the noise of politics. If we stand up and take part the ...more