Election 2010: What's at Stake for Obama and Women Candidates This November

Election years without a presidential race often come with lower voter turnouts and less public interest, but these mid-term elections can be big indicators of social shifts, and they can change the balance of power in Washington dramatically. ...more

You mentioned how President Obama went after John Boehner for being against infrastructure. ...more

Ohio Discriminates Against Pregnant Mothers: Where are the Mama Grizzlies Now?

The Ohio Supreme Court handed down a decision today in McFee v. Nursing Care Management of America, Inc. that holds that, "...it's not gender discrimination for employers to require a minimum tenure for employees to take an extended leave for any purpose, pregnancy included." (See this Columbus Dispatch blog post.) What's the problem? ...more

I agree that it makes sense for businesses to treat their employees well including having paid ...more

Men in Skirts?

About two weeks ago, following June 8 primary night, the big meme in political media was “The Year of the (Republican) Woman.”  Primary victories by the likes of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina in California, and a strong performance by Nikki Haley in South Carolina, followed on the back of victory the week prior by Susana Martinez in New Mexico.  ...more
What is the problem ? The men in pants, Haven't done so well governing this country or any ...more

Meg Whitman: Can Her $59 Million Save California?

I’ve never really gotten involved in politics.  But I was totally jazzed when Meg Whitman - a mother and wife who has had a successful career, including a 10 year stint as CEO of eBay, announced she was running for California Governor.  Everyone knows the state of California needs someone who can get things done, build consensus amongst wildly disparate groups and is transparent while doing it. ...more

It Could Be You, Lady!

Its about time for the VP nods to be unveiled. In fact, John McCain is likely to steal thunder from Barack's trip to the Middle East by announcing his running mate this week: Sources close to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign are suggesting he will reveal the name of his vice presidential selection this week while Sen. Barack Obama is getting the headlines on his foreign trip. The name of McCain's running mate has not been disclosed, but Mitt Romney has led the speculation recently. ...more

Palin was completely under the MSM radar. more