ain't nobody else is gonna love you...

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.i had a second couples' therapy session in 3 days with 1.0 tonight. it was better than monday, no yelling this time,'s not feeling good....more

Inspiration and Potty Training - Melissa Etheridge is More Than A Lesbian With Breasts

"Hi, this is Alyssa." "No, it's Melissa." "No, you're Melissa, I'm Alyssa!" So started my chat with Melissa Etheridge. I’m a fan. Though I don’t think I can name one of her songs – there is one about a window, I know that much – I’ve always really liked her. She has always seemed to embody what I look for in people: courage, honesty, strength, humor and a serious disregard for the shallow. And a singing voice, the thing that I most covet and do not have, at all. ...more

I've missed BlogHer too!  Turns out that launching a national magazine was ...more

New Music from Female Favorites (and some new discoveries)

Melissa, Annie, Joni and Faith. Do I need to tell you their last names? Probably not given how successful each of these artists have been. These four women have new CDs out so if you're looking for some new tunes checking out these offerings might be a good place to start. Annie Lennox's latest is "Songs of Mass Destruction," released today..  The video for the first single "Dark Road" highlights the undercurrent of unease felt during wartime which weaves a thematic thread through much of these artists' work without being outright protest songs. ...more

It's the voice I wouldn't mind hearing when I die. The band is more