Ghostbusters: Fun From Top to Bottom

It is no surprise to anyone that the new, all female cast of, "Ghostbusters" has caused a great deal of talk and controversy. Before filming even began on the remake of the classic film it has been criticized by a large portion of the population, myself included. I was terrified that they were remaking one of my all time favorite films. Even though I like the four leading ladies they chose to fill the iconic roles, remakes are usually terrible....more

Embracing Melissa McCarthy

As I’ve been doing press for my book, Finding Mr.Righteous, a frequent question I get is “Who will play you in the movie?”...more
brodigan Wear it proud!more

The new TAMMY movie reminds me why I have never liked my name

There are things from my childhood that just seem to have stuck with me, like an affinity for Top 40 music or how excited I get every time I see a bride.Likewise, there are things, as a woman of a certain age, that I feel I just need to accept, like being called Ma’am instead of Miss or the way certain body parts begin to embrace gravity.But as I approach my 51st birthday, I am faced with one of those things that has stuck with me from childhood but is also something that I still just can’t accept....more

Movie Review: The Heat (2013)

Director by: Paul Feig​Written by: Katie DippoldRated: RRunning Time: 117 minCast:  ...more

Everyone Loves a Fat Man

So I am aware that this issue has already been addressed by many others, including the Marie Claire fiasco, but I want to contribute another perspective to a continuous cookie-cutter production of nauseating ‘fat-man/hot wife’ sitcoms. The idealized marital situation has been clogging our televisions like cholesterol-saturated arteries since The Honeymooners way back in black and white....more

Mike & Molly Are So Fat! How Fat (and Funny) Are They?

I was a bit nervous when I sat down to watch the premiere of Mike & Molly, the new CBS sitcom about two average folks who fall in love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Would the show rely on strings of fat jokes or one-note storylines focusing on dieting and eating? Or would it treat us to Roseanne Barr/John Goodman-style characters who are, yes, large, but who have other complexities in their lives? ...more
This show is totally disgusting, there is noting funny about two 400 pound people on a TV show. ...more