Managing Meltodnws

There was a time when my son melted down every day, more than once a day. I woke up anticipating and dreading it. I stayed awake half the night dealing with it. And every single time I met someone with any experience in autism and sensory issues, I asked the same question - "What do I do when he melts down?" I asked our first OT who recommended diet changes. When we eliminated gluten and dairy, we had more meltdowns. I asked a parent who also has a child on the spectrum. She told me she never has to deal with anything violent with her son....more
Number one is so important for me, personally. Keeping a low voice is so hard sometimes, but ...more

Jellyfish in the Baby Pool: Protecting my child with special needs

Sometimes parenting a child with special needs is like the time I was shocked to find a jellyfish in the baby pool. Dangers and complications lurk where you least expect it. ...more

Simon's not the only one with a long memory....

Here I am, just shy of 40 years old, and today I think I discovered a new phobia of mine.  Firehouses. Well, not quite firehouses -- just one firehouse.  Just the thought of approaching it with my family I can feel my heart rate rise.  All I can say is that I'm grateful that it's no longer our local firehouse (we live in an area that is growing at such a huge rate that they recently built a new one closer to our home). ...more

Removing airport meltdowns from your travel equation

  Part of successful travel with autistic persons is the ability of the care givers to foresee and prepare for those scenarios that can trigger those dreaded meltdowns .Here is the list that I have compiled over the years based on past incidents that has helped us prevent ou...more

Surviving The Strong Willed Child...

Yesterday my friend Gena called after a daunting trip to the post office with her youngest monkey. She said, "I think I may have just got a glimpse of the judgmental stares you've told me so much about." Apparently Mr. H, her almost 3-year-old, was less than cooperative, and to put it nicely, was like a monkey on crack. As she told me the story, she was laughing one of those crazy laughs ... like she was either going to pull a Thelma and Louise and drive off a cliff or start to cry....more

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
When it's happening to you, you feel like the only parent on ...more

Schedules and Routines

I know that all children thrive on schedules and routines and one of the first thing parents do when a baby is born is start working on establishing a schedule and a routine. But when does that need become crucial? abnormal? absolute? And when is that a problem? We have several routines around here. We have a morning routine (with modifications for the weekends when Kevin is home versus when he's not). We have a dinner-time routine. We have a bedtime routine. We even have a pick-the-kids-up-from-school routine....more

Ignorance and Self Control

I was in Walmart about a year ago with all four of my children. We had finished our shopping and were now waiting at checkout. My youngest was having a really hard time and was stimming, this is a repetitive behavior that he does to calm himself down. Well, he started spinning and was flapping his hands and I happened to be on the phone with a very supporting mom who also has a son on the Autistic Spectrum. We were talking about how aware we have to be with our children as they don't sense danger....more

Am I Crazy?

I have needed to vent about this for a few days, but every time I sit down at my computer to write I find myself having second thoughts about sharing. I think my fear is that if I come across as a normal mother who loses their patience sometimes, my super hero label will disappear....more

Autism is the Enemy

 We named our homeschool  Autism Rocks Christian Academy. Tongue in cheek because J is always rocking. Back and forth, back and forth, night and day. If he isnt rocking he's bouncing. The only time he is still is when he is asleep.  But Autism itself does not "rock". It very much stinks and I pray a cure is found. I hate autism with my very being....more

10 Ways to Avoid Those Pre-Teen Meltdowns

I have a not-quite-12-year-old daughter, and as anyone who's ever known a not-quite-12-year-old girl or been a not-quite-12-year-old girl knows, that means I have endless drama. I love my daughter to pieces, truly. She's a remarkable creature who is by turns insightful and childish, compassionate and passionate. And she is also Filled With The Drama: Everything is Very Tragic and Very Important and Life Or Death. All the time. ...more

I can SO relate to everything you wrote! Just this morning hubby & I were awakened at the ...more