How to Craft a Memoir

Today’s interview gets emotional as we dive into the area of writing memoirs. From a workplace’s secret investigation, broken public systems, publishing a diary, to receiving haters online – today we are so honored to interview and share the story and memoir writing process of Shannon Hernandez, author of My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher....more

Back to School Again

{Photo above: Not me}...more

Been There...It's Still Holding Me Back

I am writing a book.  I feel the need to pinch myself when I say or type these words. The professional writing life has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember....more

My Freshly Picked Apple

I meandered through the perfectly spaced trees that lined the rutted dirt path. The woven wooden basket, balanced just so on bent fingertips. Each step had my eyes searching until I caught sight of the weathered ladder leaning against the stout trunk. This was the only time my mother actually encouraged me to climb a tree and this, in and of itself, made the trip worth it. I carefully climbed the paint worn rungs, aware of the buzzing bees that were busy at work sucking the last of the nectar for their honey....more

Are there really people waiting to read this?

** NOTE: I realize I'm writing a blog and therefore probably guilty of exactly what I'm about to discuss here but so be it. I prefer to think of it as being complex, not contradictory. ** I admit I have a completely irrational streak about publishing. I LOVE great writing, both fiction and non-fiction, but I HATE what feels like indulgent, pretentious, entitled, annoying writing and publishing of same. ...more