Graduation Flashback: Then and Now

Graduation Flashback: Then and Now As I watched the students march in procession, I thought back to my undergrad college graduation from the University of Illinois in Urbana....more

Yep, that's our boy Bush

The Guardian, ...more

A Different Kind of Retail Therapy

A Different Kind of Retail Therapy I was in my 20s, just finish...more

A Manhatttanite makes a decision and thus can't complain; however....

pia http://courtingdestiny.comOh the unexpected turns my life has taken in the past few years.  I went from being an Upper West Sider with time off for Cambridge MA and abroad to being a denizon of a small coastal city in South Carolina.  I was going to move to Santa Monica but it felt as if I would trade one pricey familiar life for another.  There's something to be said for familiar I have learned...more

Hello Pia:

As a fellow NLD'er, I can really identify with feeling somewhat out of place in ...more

November is National Lifewriting Month

"It can be about capturing the everyday experiences that make us who we are."

Good luck! ...more

Women and Writing

I am currently reading "Alphabet", a wonderful novel by Kathy Page that tells the story of a young man in his late 20's who is serving life for the murder of his girlfriend.  The novel is so well written that the reader cannot help but feel empathy for this man despite the fact that he is a convicted killer....more

It was nominated for the Giller or the Governor General's Literary Awards a few years back. ...more

Book Talk: *Lit*, by Mary Karr


I noticed you’re a fan of Mary Karr and just wanted to let you know that Mary will be at PLNU in ...more

Sweet Ride on a Second-hand Bike

When I was 10, I inherited an oversized boy’s bike from my cousin. I was happy to have my first bike. We couldn’t afford the popular Schwinns of the day.  I cleaned and painted it, adding a thunderbolt on the fender to make it look fast and give the hand-me-down a new look.Once it looked like a bike to be proud of rather than a dust catcher from someone’s basement, I had to learn to ride it. The first step was to find a place to mount the boy’s bike since I wasn’t tall enough to reach over the frame without starting from a stoop....more

Lessons from the Drowning Tragedy in Louisiana: Black Kids, All Kids Need to Learn to Swim

In one way, the horror that unfolded at what was supposed to be a fun family outing in Shrevesport, Louisana was incomprehensible. Six teenagers drowned in the Red River while their families, all non-swimmers, watched helplessly from the bank, screaming for help. ...more
Thank you for shedding light on this story. It amazes me (continually) just how far reaching ...more

How to Get Published, Part 5: How to Get an Agent

Welcome back to the How to Get Published Series. The subtitle of this post is "how to find and sign with a reputable agent," and yes, the emphasis should be on the word reputable. While reputable has ethical connotations (and this matters a lot too), what I really mean is "how to sign with an agent who will actually get your book sold rather than one who is taking a real crap shoot with your project and may end up doing more harm than good." ...more
davidlebovitz Thanks a millionmore