BJ Barber

BJ Barber When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor told me I would need to exercise everyday. I started running the first week and rode my bike ten miles a day to school and work. Both of those felt like work to me. But there was one exercise I started that year that I still love to this day....more

Deep in the Archives

Deep in the Archives This was one of the first things I wrote regarding diabetes and one of the first times I realized that writing can be a great medium for diabetics to connect with each other.  ...more

Save it, Rielle

Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ Baby Mama, has written a book.  Well, I’m sure somebody wrote it for her, but anyway….. I’m not sure what her story will be, because I will never read the book.  Yet, I’m going to predict quite confidently that it’s about one (possibly all) of the following:She was duped.She was a victim.It was love.Yadda, yadda, and yadda Save it, Rielle, because it doesn’t matter.  He was somebody else’s husband. Leave him alone.  Any questions? ...more

My Summer as a Streetwalker

I remember my summer as a street walker. Just about every night, I took a super long stroll. On the chance you might drive by. I always went the same way. To make myself easy to find.           My heart would do a do-si-do the second I heard your car. I knew its sound. Could make it out a block away. Sometimes two. I’d count the seconds ‘til you pulled alongside me. OneMississippi....more

Yes, No, Maybe So--Part III

Every night after supper, Dad camped out in the living room. Over the course of each evening he’d nurse two bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and polish off an entire can of salted peanuts, the Spanish ones with the skins on them. I never got why he liked those kind. The skins made for a tooth flossing nightmare. Dad didn’t mind though. He wasn’t much for dental hygiene. Come to think of it, he didn’t care much about personal hygiene at all beyond combing his hair and Abraham Lincoln beard....more
 @writingdianet I look froward to it! I will have my coffee ready :)more

Yes, No, Maybe So--Part II

Like every other guy in town, Jude had the hots for Katie. After all, she did resemble a cross between Cher and Brooke Shields. Even though Jude was pretty good looking, he was strange, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother. Jude had this theory that if you didn’t shower for a day or two after you sunbathed, the dirt would sink into your skin and increase your tan factor. He brought this theory up every time he lay out with us.             “Ooooh, ga-ross!” we’d squeal....more
 It sounds like Jude is going to get Katie into all kinds of trouble!more

I Got an A in Yoga. But I Cheated.

Psychology of Hatha Yoga was a four-unit class and we were allowed to take it twice for credit. When people ask me how I got into yoga, my honest answer is “It seemed like an easy A.”...more

Vanessa Williams: What It's Like to Be Stuck in the News

Every so often a story hits the news and won't go away. It stays in the news cycle for weeks and as much as you may try to ignore it you can't. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in on the inside if such a story? How the people involved got there and what they thought? Vanessa and Helen Williams know just what it's like and spill all in their new book, You Have No Idea. ...more
@Mothering4Money I did get it for Lee for Mother's Day and she loved it! Thanks for the ...more

Memoir and Poetry: Married Forever

Poets have, since the beginning of written accounts, used poetry to express experience and conjecture.Philosophy used lyric prose to delve into matters of the mind, with its logic and debate. Epic poems called to the heart of the listener. Heroes fought at the behest of the gods. The gods battled with intrigue and assault amongst themselves, always for power. Yet always, these long verses meant only to explain the myriad experiences of the people....more

Pleased to Meet Myself

Raised to believe that a man needed to look after a woman and that, as her mother used to tell her, ‘single women have no status’, Philippa Sklaar felt that any man was better than no man. If a man looked after her, she owed him. So, for financial security and, admittedly, her relationship addiction, Philippa tolerated abuse, became whoever her husband wanted her to be and lost herself along the way....more