Amazon Top 100 Memoir Enemy Within By Karen Ager

What Brings About Change in People?Excerpt from Enemy Within by Karen Ager "Despite all my efforts, deep down I felt I was changing. My disease was not only influencing my body but also my spirit. The pain was starting to impact every dimension of my life. Until now it had been easy to ignore; it had been easy to deny. I had kicked it under the bed with all my half-read books. I thought I’d get back to it and deal with it later. But it got back to me first. Rheumatoid arthritis was truly forcing itself into my life. No longer could I convince myself that the disease didn’t exist. How much longer could I pretend that I was healthy like my friends? I started to feel the burden of my secret....more

Our Christmas of Catastrophes

Our Christmas of Catastrophes ...more

Letting Go: One Woman's Struggle to Give Her Son Freedom

By Cori HowardIt was around 7:30 on a weekend morning when I heard the front door open and close. Snuggled in tight beside my little girl, I thought for a moment how odd it was that my 9-year-old son and my husband were going out so early. I wondered, briefly, where they were going and promptly, fell back asleep.When I woke up, they were both downstairs, barely able to contain their glee. “I went to 7-Eleven, mom,” said my son, hopping up and down. “By myself.”Confused, I looked at my husband. “What do you mean?” I asked....more

Meet the Immigrant Neighbors Circa '50s

Meet the Immigrant Neighbors Circa '50s I was raised with immigrants, first, second and third genera...more

Graduation Flashback: Then and Now

Graduation Flashback: Then and Now As I watched the students march in procession, I thought back to my undergrad college graduation from the University of Illinois in Urbana....more

Yep, that's our boy Bush

The Guardian, ...more

A Different Kind of Retail Therapy

A Different Kind of Retail Therapy I was in my 20s, just finish...more

A Manhatttanite makes a decision and thus can't complain; however....

pia http://courtingdestiny.comOh the unexpected turns my life has taken in the past few years.  I went from being an Upper West Sider with time off for Cambridge MA and abroad to being a denizon of a small coastal city in South Carolina.  I was going to move to Santa Monica but it felt as if I would trade one pricey familiar life for another.  There's something to be said for familiar I have learned...more

Hello Pia:

As a fellow NLD'er, I can really identify with feeling somewhat out of place in ...more

November is National Lifewriting Month

"It can be about capturing the everyday experiences that make us who we are."

Good luck! ...more

Women and Writing

I am currently reading "Alphabet", a wonderful novel by Kathy Page that tells the story of a young man in his late 20's who is serving life for the murder of his girlfriend.  The novel is so well written that the reader cannot help but feel empathy for this man despite the fact that he is a convicted killer....more

It was nominated for the Giller or the Governor General's Literary Awards a few years back. ...more