7 Reasons Why Memorial Day is a Great Holiday!

Memorial Day would be a lesser holiday except that the timing of it is just too perfect! Without it, how we would ever figure out (without a calendar) when summer starts? As you and the Accidental Locavore know, the weather certainly can't be trusted!...more

Memorial Day Movies: Hollywood Pays Tribute To Our Heroes

Our troops have long been one of Hollywood's favorite subjects, and what better day to take a look at some of the greatest war movies ever made than this one, a day when we stop to reflect on those who've made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Freedom.Here's to the Heroes....more
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Memorial Day 2012

With a humble and grateful heart, I spend today in remembrance of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom....more

In memory of you

Memorial Day weekend. Bleh. It's one of those weekends for me. One of those weekends that is colored by difficult Memorial Day weekends in the recent past. A weekend to dread. But those aren't the stories I want to tell. ...more
I live with a family of comedians so I am sure it will be stories of "Remember the time Mom ...more

Thank You.

 Thank you.Thank you for signing up. For showing up. For not giving up.Thank you FOR giving up. For sacrificing. For missing wedding anniversaries. And dance recitals. And little league games. So that we won’t have to.Thank you to your families. For working overtime. Counting days. Counting hours. Counting minutes. Til you safely arrive home....more

A Day of Honor and Resentment

Memorial Day is a national holiday of picnics and parades. It is also a deeply personal day in remembrance of the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  I am honored and humbled that those who serve feel their country and fellow Americans are worthy of their sacrifices.  Yet wars are not benign affairs....more
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       My maternal grandmother had a wall in her living room lined with the portraits of her seven children.  My mother was at the end, since she was the youngest and my uncle Leroy at the beginning.  Leroy had the looks of a movie star—devastative handsome features.  You could imagine his wavy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes even though the photo was sepia-toned.  He was wearing his service uniform so it must have been taken right before he left for WWII when he was 18 years old....more

Remembering a Fallen Soldier

My post honors a fallen soldier. A Facebook friend's great loss, she allows me to share her grief. http://www.everydayunderwear.com/2012/05/remembering-fallen-soldier.html ...more


I saw this photo on Facebook today.  And that made me think of ee cummings' poem, "I Carry Your Heart With Me."  It really is powerful when you believe in your dreams and weed out negativity.  I have been working on this.  And I have also been praying about it....more

What Do You Do to Mark the Importance of Memorial Day?

The last Monday of May is Memorial Day, a federal holiday created after the Civil War to commemorate fallen Union solidiers. When I was growing up, I was in the school marching band. Memorial Day often included a long, hot, two-mile slog down Main Street and over to the Memorial Park cemetery to honor the departed soldiers from our town. In the northeast, that included military heroes all the way back to the Revolutionary War....more
 @Jane Collins Thank you, Jane, I believe it will be a very nice family day. And I hope you will ...more