Freedom Is Not Free

All week I've seen ads for Memorial Day sales, offers for Memorial Day travel, and posts about what your plans are for the holiday. Where did the meaning get lost? Memorial Day (originally Decoration Day) was instituted after the Civil War to honor the war dead. After World War I, it was expanded to include the dead from all wars. Your flag is to be flown at half-staff from dawn until noon and then raised for the remainder of the day....more

Thank you for a reminder of what this day is for. To often we forget this day is to honor the ...more

Rock The Bod You’re In

Between the New Year’s Resolutions of January 1st and the official start of summer on Memorial Day (May 30th this year, if you’re curious) there stands an obstacle course of temptation. Valentine’s Day and Easter are two of the most terrifying obstructions to your making good on your intentions of losing weight or getting fit....more

A Memorial Day Reunion

A Memorial Day Reunion ...more

Memorial Day: Two Served - One Came Home

It was not long after our family arrived in the Washington DC area that my husband was promoted to a higher rank in the Air Force. My father in law came out from Wyoming to attend the promotion ceremony. The kids were excited to have Grandpa visit, and toss the ole pigskin around the back yard with them. The weather was beautiful for October, it was warm and felt more like a mid-summer day than mid-fall. Given the gorgeous weather, it was decided we would trek into DC, walk along The Mall and see the various war memorials. ...more

What a wonderful story, Devra! Thank you so much for sharing it. You're so right that people ...more

A Memorial Day Lament : We Owe Them No Less

Memorial Day. This is not supposed to be a day about picnics and store-wide sales. It is day about remembering. Specifically, it is a day we recall the losses experienced through war. In England, on Remembrance Day, the whole country goes silent for two minutes - on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Everything stops. People stand still in the streets. Traffic does not move. Customers are not served. Everyone gets quiet and remembers the fallen. Here in America, we have so many fallen to remember. ...more

Meeting WWII Heroes at the Grocery Store Cafe: Happy Memorial Day

Well, I've started hanging out at the HyVee Cafe about 30, 40, maybe even 50 years before I should, but I couldn't help it. A month ago as I pushed my empty grocery cart past the cafe those white, silver, and bald heads were calling to me. "Come, talk to me and hear my story. Learn about my life and the past. I have wisdom, laughter and love to share." ...more

The Politics of Sleepovers

Well, she's finally going home. Amidst much pomp and circumstance. My oldest daughter's best friend spent the night at our home last night, and now my husband is off taking her home with every single one of our daughters (4 in all) in tow. However, getting to this point was worthy of UN intervention with perhaps back-up supplied by the National Guard. When I was first asked at the beginning of the week if she could spend the night, I am the kind of parent that likes to yes unless a 'no' is absolutely necessary....more

Memorial Day Travel Alert: Yahoo Gas Mileage Myths Debunked Already By Bloggers

My husband is obsessed with gas mileage. Whenever we fill up the tank, he resets the trip odometer to zero so he can check how many miles he got for his full tank of gas the next time he refills. He coasts down hills, he rolls to a stop rather than inching forward, and he practically salivated during Mythbuster's dirty vs. clean car gas mileage episode. ...more

Sounds like a myth I would make up just because I prefer the A/C to the windows :-)

Melissa ...more

Grilling Green

Does Memorial Day launch your summer barbecue season? Try these ideas for a barbecue Mother Nature herself would love.In the Market for a New Grill?...more