Me and the Mardasson Memorial

I have been participating in my own personal scanfest of late. Since March of this year, I have uploaded 7.7 GB to my cloud drive. That's 4,430 images and 25 videos. (Some of the files came from my digital camera, to be fair.) If only I were close to being caught up! I have been curious for years about one of the photos I scanned just this morning. It's a picture of me, on a rainy day, standing in front of some sort of monument / memorial. I think I was about 8 or so years old. All I knew for sure is we were in Europe. (I so stink at geography.) ...more

When Will We Stop Counting the 9/11s?

It's September 11 again. And I'm dreading it. I want September 11 to go back to being just another day in the early fall. Is this wrong?...more
Thank you for sharing. My husband and I were just sharing similar sentiments on the evening of ...more

On That Day: Teaching Our Children About 9/11

Parental instinct often leads us to shelter our children from the “bad” of the world. The far-reaching coverage of the tenth anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 have made that shielding almost impossible this year. If you’ve walked past a magazine in the grocery store, turned on your TV or loaded a news website with your child looking over your shoulder, your kids have likely seen or heard murmurings of what happened ten years ago. So how do you deal with it? ...more
We added another book to our list this year: ...more

Honoring Dogs of Service

This coming Saturday, March 13, will mark the 68th birthday of the United States K9 Corps; it was one man's dying wish to see that date marked officially on the national calendar as K9 Veterans Day. As civic proclamations spread (including one from Florida Governor Charlie Crist), that dog tag dream may come true. ...more

Thanks for reading this and for your words of gratitude here. I could not agree more. Humans are ...more

Remembering The Dead

Last week while I was on vacation, my Grandmother passed away. She was frail, and ill and ready to be released from this mortal coil. And so it is with both sorrow and contentment that we greet her passing and honor her memory. This means, that for the first time this year, her icon will join Grandpa's on our mantelpiece as we celebrate Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. ...more

the same, today is All Soul's Day and it's also the anniversary of the death of my ...more