In Memory of Kim Ricketts

Last week, the food and writing world lost Kim Ricketts, who was, by all accounts, one of those people. She left far too soon -- she was only 53 -- and there were clearly courses yet to be served. From what her friends have written in her memory, she would have probably wanted to have a hand in making those courses, all the while, leading a lively conversation. ...more

Jennifer, those sorts of people are true's such a loss when they go, and even ...more

In which she had an impact

Sometimes you meet a person who is on the periphery of your life and yet they can have the most enormous impact in such unexpected ways.  Yesterday, one such person in my life died; she was 25 and honestly, I barely knew her.  Right now you’re probably asking how she impacted my life then.  It wasn’t for the way she died; it was for the way she lived.   Last year when times were tough around here because of Keely’s massive surgery and long recuperation, I became involved with an online group of women (and a few men) who had one thing in common.  That...more