Grounding my body.

I have been thinking about the point where the body and the mind split.Usually I would never try to do that. I’m all about bridging the two, integrating, getting everything in balance.But lately I’ve been in an interesting space, where pulling the two apart is necessary. And it’s hard to find that point....more

What is Memory Keeping? | 5 Ways to Preserve your Memories Today

Memory keeping is any thing you do to document your current or past memories for you or someone else to look at and/or reflect on later. Simple right? Yes! There really is no formal definition of memory keeping, it is what you make it....more

34 Things I Want My Daughters to Know About Me | Happy Mother's Day

"I miss my Mom everyday. I miss her love and support. I miss how she was a wonderful grandmother to Reya. I feel really sad that she never got to meet Lola. But one of the things I miss most of all is not learning more about who she was before she had kids. I miss not learning more about pictures like this one."...more

'How porcupines make love': Because why not

 The first time I walked past, I was sure I'd misread the title. The hallway filled with between class bodies, and I couldn't get close enough to investigate without interrupting the flow. The second time, I knew....more

Moments Frozen in Time

To my spirited girl, with peanut butter all over your face, your hair pulled up in a messy ponytail, and dirty hands from playing out in the garden...I'm going to freeze this image of you indefinitely....more

hook punch

A cool, nighttime breeze laced with a whiff of gasoline blew my ponytail into my face. I threaded the nozzle into the tank hole, squeezed the bulky metal handle with my right hand and began fueling my car.Twenty yards to my left, a sleek white Nissan sedan pulled in and parked sideways across two storefront spaces, pointed at the driver’s door of an oldish silver Subaru Outback.That’s a weird, no, aggressive way to park.I had not planned on getting gas just now, but the idiot light on my car came on when I left grocery store....more

Where Did the Baby Go?

Remember When...

Oh high school. For some of the world, it was prime time but for others (ahem, myself included) it was a time filled with a severe case of awkwardness. Let's take a time machine back to circa 2005-2009 and get to know young high school Ashliegh... …I thought it was cool to dye my hair pink and learn to skateboard…...more

Tying the emotions to the memory

Right now, my son remembers lots of stuff. He remembers what we did for his birthday last year and he remembers being in his Nana's wedding when he was two. He remembers games we used to play and trips we've been on. But, he doesn't remember what he had for lunch at school....more

To my children: I hope you can forgive me

 To my children: I hope you can forgive me. ...more