Don't forget to water the parents

I am very happy to be back at home to spend time with my son, especially as he is about to be off from school for the holiday. We have a list of special things for the two of us to do together while we are home. I am trying to treasure this time, because I know that one day, he will want his Mommy to be just like a plant....more

Food Memories

Our senses, have the power to transport you back in time. Memories can be triggered by the simplest things: a familiar smell, a painting or a slight touch.Each of our senses has that ability, so imagine the enormous power of food, which often involves all our senses. It’s no wonder we often remember entire meals and associate certain dishes with family and friends. Food is also one way we show someone that they matter to us, and getting together with friends and family typically involves food....more

Which Flavors Trigger Your Memories?

My default vanilla was established in a subterranean ice cream shop in the former Soviet Union, where my parents took me after I had my ears pierced. I was three years old, and while I don't recall the actual needle stabbing in my ear, the intense sweet vanilla lodged itself as the standard by which all future vanillas will have to measure against. Maybe in the wake of a traumatic event, your tastebuds become hyper-sensitive and tastes become saturated. Or else maybe your brain just remembers them that way. ...more
"Chili con queso" which was a melted block of Velveeta cheese with a jar of salsa stirred in, ...more

Zero F*cks: A Letter To My Biological Father

Dear Biological Father,I have every right to hate you.Most children need their daddies, and growing up I was no different. But I hated my weekend visits to your apartment after mom divorced you. Alone, I would stare blankly out of the small window with tear-stained cheeks wishing for the comforts of home.I would think to myself, please come and get me, Mommy.  I miss you....more

When Did We Stop Living in the Moment?

With all the tragedy that has gone on in this world, especially in the past few weeks, it's hard not to stop and think about how we spend our time on earth. I've noticed a trend when I've gone to dinner with friends. There are a few who take out their cell phones and leave it on the table. Halfway through the dinner, you will see one or two people aimlessly scrolling, or texting furiously. They become disconnected from the moment and the conversation. You may ask them a question, and they stare at you, unaware of what is going on at the table. ...more
I always disconnect when I'm with friends. My phone is only out to calculate tips or take pics. ...more

The Stuff We Remember

Rhode Island has been a sanctuary for my family and I for as long as I can remember.The beach is literally at our finger tips anytime we want it!  Ice Cream, Bagels, Coffee.... a warm summer wind.The bonus to heading to Rhode Island is that Colin loves visiting his Grammie and PapaLou.  He'd sit next to his Papa forever, and follow him around, and tell him stories about chickens.... ...more

I Don't Selfie Stick

Rushing through Times Square a few weeks ago, a promotional van for Zoolander 2 caught my eye. They were taking photos and printing them onto froth foam, creating headshot-worthy lattes and as if free java with your face on it isn't enough, they gave me a bonus selfie stick! I have made fun of the ridiculous looking tool ever since they invaded my Wall Street neighborhood six years ago. ...more

Facebook Memories Plague Me

I manage two Facebook accounts; one is my personal page, the other, my husband’s clown business. On most days, on both accounts, Facebook dutifully greets me with this message: “Galina, we care about you and the memories you share here. We thought you'd like to look back on this post from 1 year ago.” (Or 9 years ago.)” ...more

My Social Anxiety Clouds My Judgment

Editor's Note: Each week this month, we're featuring a response to one of the BlogHer Writing Lab prompts. Want to be inspired by writing prompts? They're posted at the beginning of every month in the Writing Lab. Want to be the next featured writer? Join the Writing Lab's Facebook group and look for the Pitch Please call for posts. --Mel ...more
"...not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate"more

Still Too Much

                I’ve got rid of many of my children’s toys. Oh I didn’t get down to the nitty gritty but I got rid of some large pieces, the broken pieces and the pieces I couldn’t find the main parts to.                It wasn’t until we had to move a tote filled with stuffed animals that my daughter released a heavy sigh....more