'How porcupines make love': Because why not

 The first time I walked past, I was sure I'd misread the title. The hallway filled with between class bodies, and I couldn't get close enough to investigate without interrupting the flow. The second time, I knew....more

Moments Frozen in Time

To my spirited girl, with peanut butter all over your face, your hair pulled up in a messy ponytail, and dirty hands from playing out in the garden...I'm going to freeze this image of you indefinitely....more

hook punch

Where Did the Baby Go?

Remember When...

Oh high school. For some of the world, it was prime time but for others (ahem, myself included) it was a time filled with a severe case of awkwardness. Let's take a time machine back to circa 2005-2009 and get to know young high school Ashliegh... …I thought it was cool to dye my hair pink and learn to skateboard…...more

Tying the emotions to the memory

Right now, my son remembers lots of stuff. He remembers what we did for his birthday last year and he remembers being in his Nana's wedding when he was two. He remembers games we used to play and trips we've been on. But, he doesn't remember what he had for lunch at school....more

To my children: I hope you can forgive me

 To my children: I hope you can forgive me. ...more

The Hoodie

It was a simple navy blue hoodie. I dug it out of the pile of my Dad's coats and jackets that my Mom had laid out for us to go through before she donated them. I tried it on, looked in the mirror and decided to take it home.  ...more

Flashback Friday: Lovefool

I was in the car this weekend and I was flipping through the radio stations. Two of my go-to stations are 90’s on 9 and Pop2K on Sirius XM. They play the songs of my childhood, teenage and college years. A song will come across the radio, and I will instantly flashback to a certain point in my life. The memories will start filling my head: where I was, who I was with… the music makes my mind drift to places of the past…I smile, thinking of the those times....more

2014: Year in Review

I know I’m a couple of days late to the 2014 Recap post. It’s been a busy month and I’m just starting to wind down from all the holiday craziness. I wanted to take some time to reflect on the year’s events....more