Five questions to make your brain grow.

In the Thirties, two self-styled intelligence experts set out to discover clever people by publishing a book posing devilishly difficult brain-teasers for members of the general public. ...more

Pyrex and Memories

I've been using it, baking during the holidays.  I smiled every time !more

My mother and Alzheimer's

Every Christmas and Mother’s Day, my little sister and I would save our allowance money to buy our mother Giorgio perfume. Our mother loved that musky perfume, which was released in 1981, and came in a fancy yellow and white striped box. We would buy it at the perfume counter at Hess’s, a mid-scale and only department store in our small town, not as fancy as Kaufman’s but a step up from Sears....more


Have you ever saw someone pick their nose and now everytime you see them, that image of them stays in your file/memory?Every person you know has a file that you create for them. Some are good files and some are bad files. Some are the most embarassing files....more

Lives Unravelled, Some Secrets Revealed

Those of you who know me might remember the story of how my family came to be split between two continents. Reading “The Day I Left” will help contextualise this post. Clothes, shoes, books, papers,Poems, stories, novels, articles. Photos, family, memories, soul,Love.  Tangible and un-lasting. Intangible and lasting. Beyond the present....more

Brilliance at it's Best: My Son's Memory

I envy my son’s memory. Say what you will about autism and its hindrances, but he has some distinct advantages in life. Memory. That’s one thing he has in spades, though the school psychologist would have me believe otherwise. I’ll take the WISC-IV and throw it right out the window. Believe me, he has no problem in the area of memory.  ...more

Don't Judge Me; I have a condition

by sybil sage...more

Try to remember

No longer needing to stand on his tiptoes, Philip watched our groceries being bagged.“Wow, he’s getting so tall,” marveled the cashier as she scanned the items.“He sure is,” I agreed.“I remember when you were pregnant with him,” the smiling cashier added.Her remark brought back a memory of my own: ...more


Yesterday I wrote about Dora; today I'm thinking about Boots.  But not Dora's blue monkey with the red boots.One night last week, we limped back to the apartment after walking around New York all day.  My sister flopped down on the couch.  She propped her elegant black leather boots up on the Ikea coffee table.  "Hey, Vivi--come over here for a second."Vivi looked up at her from the plastic safari animals that she was arranging on the carpet.  "Why?"...more
cynragona Be sure to get something TOUGH!more

My Misplaced Kindle Has Finally Been Found, 8 Months Later.....

Friday Find ~ I found my Kindle!Greeting Card...more