Younger people with Alzheimer's show non-memory-loss symptoms

When we think of Alzheimer's, the first symptom we conjure is almost always memory loss. But there's new research that indicates that younger people with Alzheimer's may not always experience memory loss as their first symptom.For younger people (under 60), they're more likely to have problems with judgement, language or visual and spatial awareness. ...more

Cognitive enhancing pills have no long-term benefits

A new study says patients have no long-term benefit from using cognitive enhancers to try to improve concentration, memory, alertness and moods.Although there were some short-term benefits to using the pills on one cognition scale, the drugs actually significantly increased the nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and headaches for most people. There were NO benefits on the second cognition scale or on behavior, function and mortality....more

Loss of memory after having kids...

Where do I begin? I think the biggest thing I am struggling with right now after having kids is my memory! I think it gets worse the more kids you have. Hannah was my 3rd pregnancy and after her my short term memory has disappeared. I remember things that happened a long time ago, but can't seem to remember anything recent. I forget birthday parties, handing in forms for the kids for school, and what I needed from the store. I will go downstairs to get meat out of the freezer and end up switching laundry over then going back upstairs! How horrible is that?...more
@Lorifitz thank you for your advice :) I will definitely be trying to alarm on my phone :)more

Yes Mammy I Am Your Daughter

I am have debated about whether or not I ever wanted to write this post but my mom's birthday is fast approaching and I feel like I can share this story. Please forgive me now if this gets too long but I promise its worth reading. Its two weeks away from the anniversary of my mother's stroke. ...more

Take "wakeful rests" to fight memory loss

Although it's not specifically worded as "meditation" in this article, there's evidence that "wakeful resting" after you learn something new verbally helps boost your memory in both short and long term.What I found particularly interesting is that they say what you're doing the first few minutes after learning something new affects how well you'll remember things after one week. So I guess the wakeful rest means you're sort of "taking it all in."...more

An Inconvenient Truth by Lianne Castelino, I feel relieved.  Thanks for asking. Yesterday I met someone who said they had the same issue.  Also a mom, also a creative-type, also an entrepeneur. It started for her at the same age.  She is also wondering how and why.  But unlike myself, she is taking steps to try and reverse it. ...more

feed your brain

I found this article in More magazine called “How to Feed Your Brain” which had some interesting tips that I thought I’d share.  It seems like everyone is an expert on brain health and everyone has ideas on how to increase your memory. In my opinion, most of them don’t work. At least, for me. And that’s really all I care about, right?...more
Thank you for this list.I printed it out.more

Details on Dementia

Dementia Does Exist...more

Meno-Mind: "I Swear It Was Here a Minute Ago"

My Saturday morning started off like this: I'm at the checkout counter of one of the local discount stores, rummaging around my wallet for my debit card. It was early, so there wasn't a line, and only one other person waiting (patiently). No card. So I pulled out everything in the bill portion, which, like any woman, includes an assortment of junk. Out came a JC Penney hair salon punch card, my credit cards, a Pottery Barn Gift Card, my car registration, my library card, an expired appointment card for my dentist, and a couple of reciepts. But no debit card. ...more

Is Grandma Okay?

Grandparents can play so many different roles in the lives of their grandkids. Sometimes it's patient teacher, sometimes it's walks in the park and kite flying, sometimes it's chief caregiver. Whatever their role, inevitably their grandchild will see them change and grow older. This story, Is Granma Okay? by Laura G. of, explores that topic through the eyes of a young girl.  ...more