Are monkeys more sexually evolved than we are?

Listener Question:  Tell me, why does dropping one’s drawers have to be the line of demarcation? Is that really the point of no return? If so, then why do you consider it as such? My studies of aboriginal Polynesian societies have led me to delve into customs of touching in other nearly nude societies, including those of primates, with whom we share 98% of our DNA. These societies have no drawers to drop, yet raised peaceful, sexually wise kids.Maryanne Answer: Good question: what about dropping one’s drawers creates such a hard line?...more

Jungle Fever - Who's The Biggest Cheat-ah?!!

 Ladies, it was just this past weekend that I found myself in the middle of a heated debate with both men and women who shared different views about a topic that is very very argumentative...and that is...When it comes to relationships, who are the biggest cheaters?!...more

Be a Woman Who Knows That She is Enough

 Your fear of being rejected because you are imperfect is exactly what is getting you rejected....more

well, i guess this is growing up.

its been unseasonably warm for january this week. and now its raining in st. paul. and i don't mean freezing rain - the kind that feels more like snow when it hits your face as you walk across the parking lot. nope. this is a real rain. ...more

Why Are People So D---ed Inconsiderate??!!!

I am blazing angry because this just happened to me.  I was 31 minutes into my 45 minute workout and thinking: "Wow, this is going to be the best (longest) workout I've been able to squeeze in to my day in over 3 months!"  All of a sudden, the channel of the TV I was intently viewing changed!  My reaction was immediate because I had no headphones and was struggling to keep up with the dialogue running across the bottom of the screen.  I looked over to my left and there he was, the jerk who changed my channel even before he ever got to the elyptical machine. ...more

Shaving Strike

WARNING: This post contains graphic material so prepare yourselfDuring the end of November and all through the month of December I went on strike when it came to shaving. It was the season of jeans and boots and I had no business wasting time during my morning routine when the only person touching my legs was the Vietnamese lady at my favorite nail shop. Sure I shaved my arm pits (now that would just be plain disgusting) but the rest of my body provided a shout out to the 70s....more

Book on 'A New Feminism' online for your review Wings & Dreams: 4 Elements of A New Feminism

We invite all of you to review, through our online 'browsers' editions, or the E Book(condensed) version, our newest offering, Wings & Dreams: 4 Elements of a New Feminism, through our link here.

Can Americans Care for Their Families Without Losing Their Jobs?

We work long hours. We work multiple jobs. We can barely afford healthcare, or we’re doing without. We’re stitching together childcare, or we’re sending our kids to school with H1N1.   We exert ourselves to be good spouses, sons and daughters, parents, members of our community, friends - in snatched moments from being good but insecure employees.   And while we may talk amongst ourselves about hard it is to manage it all, perhaps we feel that this is just life and try to muddle through as best we can, on our own…  ...more

Levi's to Men: Wear the Pants. Women to Levi's: Bad Marketing Decision.

I was once called a Vietnamese Guerrilla Woman for wearing pants, and now Dockers wants to keep me in a skirt. The Web and twitterverse have been all, well.. atwitter about Dockers' new "pants" commercial.   It really is damned annoying, if clever. ...more


Women and Men

  Women and Men Saturday, 9 January 2010 · ...more