The Moroccan Djellaba For Men

What is Djellaba?...more

Wonder Woman In All Her Divine Kinkiness

*This post is featured on, a 100% fact-free, blog.  There you will find all the Wonder Woman comic panels that illustrate this post so Wonder-fully.


Before I get into it, let me say this: I love the fellas.  I got nothing but love for all the wonderful men in my life, and always have.That said?  Ya’ll got some WONKY brains.  I guess I always knew this, but it wasn’t until the last few years that I really started noticing it.  Sure, I can’t pigeonhole every dude out there and say “ugh, they’re all the same" (I have to risk sounding like a stereotypical woman here) but there does seem to be a few common denominators among the men in my life....more

Internet Dating Advice for Men from an Aging Single Girl

If you’re a guy, you might think that telling a woman on an internet dating site that you are excited to get to know her and you think she might be “the one” would light her up, right?  Wrong!  What lights up are the flashing red lights.While I’d love a forever partner with all the qualities important to me who thinks I’m the best thing that ever happened to him - Who doesn’t want that?  - I want it to be real!  That is to say I want to be known for who I am before someone makes those declarations.  ...more

Men are from Mars, Women Venus

“So do you like it?” I asked my husband, Marc, as I entered our hotel room and held up the skirt that I just purchased while shopping in San Francisco with my friend. He rolled his eyes and replied, “Not really.”...more


My Children Gave Me A Superpower

My Superpower:Invisibility- specifically to the male species. A prime example of my child invisibility cloak happened at local natural grocery store. ...more

Bladder Infections

“It Hurts When ...more

Atrial Fibrillation

On February 1st, our Guest Witer Genevieve Fire-Halvorsen Wrote About her Experience with A-Fib.To Learn More About Atrial FibrillationDisclaimer...more