My Life Viewed Thru Rose-Colored Menopausal Glasses

Living with menopause is not unlike living with a dual personality, everyday tells a story, but every telling has two sides. Imagine life lived in two versions—one personality goes in as the other goes out…a daily adventure of in-an’-out repeats and déjà vu’s. Why, it’s enough to drive anyone loony toons!...more

Menopausal: But What a Difference a Workout and Sunshine Makes

In the past two years, since falling prey to Menopause Disorder—my alter ego, that She Siren, compelling wailer of distress—my once religious-like workouts have threatened to come to a complete halt. And I don’t even want to tell you what my eating habits and attempts at dieting have been like, more like a sitcom of Mama Cass versus Twiggy. So do not get me started or I’ll just lose it and drone and blubber, and then mucus would get all over my keyboard!...more

I appreciate that you took the time to give readers here some important information.

Wishing ...more

Cooking a Romantic Meal, Even If I’m Menopausal and on a Budget

With an eagle eye I search through my pantry and thoroughly comb through our fridge until I discover items I know I can use to compose my Lancelot Knight a romantic meal. After a long week of work and family obligations, and me fighting to keep the menopausal Banshee at bay, the least I can do is cook my Honey a peace offering. However, I warn you that this meal is guaranteed to go straight to your thighs and settle like a fresh layer of stucco!...more

Chilling with My Children While Under the Influence of Menopause

From a very early age I loved playing with dolls, and did continue to secretly play with them until about the age of fourteen. And even though I was already dating, I couldn’t wait to get home, close my door and pick up my dolls to talk to them. ‘Guess I was being reluctant to growing up! But when I turned eighteen years of age I’d decided, adamantly, to never have children. Right! And only three short years later I had my first child, a little girl, a real live doll of my very own....more

God did indeed know just what I would need today. And I just love what your grandmother had to ...more

Menopausal and Happy Traipsing through Napa’s Wine Country

Have you noticed that as we get older we pick-up tendencies to be shamelessly blatant and daringly bolder? But then a little wine down-the-hatch goes a long way towards raising one’s spirits and courage! And that’s just what happened in Napa’s fresh country air; now add some bubbly and smooth, silky reds, as I did this past weekend, and you, too, will lose all abandon to the wind, as I did!...more

News About Menopause and Cholesterol

by Keri Gans, M.S., R.D., CDN...more

Ten Myths about "Bio-Identical" Hormones

by Lauren Streicher, M.D.Bioidentical is not a scientific term. It is a term made up by savvy market research gurus to describe certain plant-derived hormones distributed by compounding pharmacies. The use of the word” bioidentical” is brilliant....more

YIN and YANG (menopause)

Build the YIN. According to chinese medicine the following food can do this,which helps with menopause:wheat germ,wheat germ oil,mung beans,beans sprouts,tofu,string beans,black beans,kidney beans,barley and black sesame seeds. Be positive. Attitude is the most important determinant of how a woman copes with the transitional phase of menopause.In china for example,where age is honoured,menopausal symptoms are rarely.Women need to build their confidence and self assurance to combat outer elements that tell them that their attractiveness depends on a youthful appearance. ...more