Fake it Till You Make it!

Well, I’ve given the ‘Blood Type’ diet a try, (OK, so it’s only been a week!) but it actually seemed to make things worse, as far as the acid indigestion goes! Maybe my body has adapted to modern times and I’ve left the hunter/gatherer remnants of my past behind….. so, now what?...more

La Dolce Vita!

It hit me today when I was taking my walk, that I am REALLY happy to be alive!...more

50-something seeking lasting relationship

Q~ I’m a fifty-something, single, looking to get back out in the dating world. I am not thrilled with the idea of online dating but realize when it comes to the law of attraction, I need to get the ball rolling. The problem is, I am not feeling as marketable as I was in my thirties and forties, never mind my hormones are raging like a teenager—except now, instead of blooming, it seems I am about to lose my blossom. Any suggestions on how to attract a great mate?...more

Ghosts of Valentine's Days Past

fThere has always been something magical about Valentine's Day for me. Not sure why...guess I'm just a hopeless romantic. Even as a child, I loved Valentine's Day... ...more

For the Love of Picasso


What a Difference a Day (or Two) Makes!

  I had my Aha moment yesterday, ‘tho it was a lower case ‘aha’….it was so subtle… but I’ll take it! My attitude has definitely shifted and I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel! I guess it’s good that I’m slightly ADD with bi-polar tendencies… like they say about the weather in Colorado… if you don’t like it… just wait 15 minutes! Same with my emotional state….. I’m never down for very long… ...more

Darkest Before the Dawn

I feel an ‘Aha Moment’ coming soon… but I’m not quite there yet… oh, and did I hear recently that Oprah is trying to trademark ‘aha moment’?? Maybe I owe her some money? Cuz I use that phrase all the time.. and have been for quite awhile now…. ...more

He Ain't Seen Me Crazy Yet

Amy Cates is a Birmingham-based freelance writer specializing in national and regional publications. Read more at amycates.wordpress.com and amycates.com. Preface I pride myself on writing a blog that is appropriate for all ages. And I will maintain that standard here, but I offer a caveat to you women: This one's for the girls. Not the boys. Not the men. Content isn't salacious or R-rated; it just won't interest them. And to be completely honest, they wouldn't understand it anyway. ...more

365 Days to a Brand New Me! WEEK TWO!

The Winds of Change........more

Fuzzy Brain: A Menopausal Phenomenon

Fuzzy brain is a weird condition of menopause...a well-documented syndrome in which the afflicted struggles to have a complete thought as a result of the cataclysmic evacuation of estrogen from the system....more

Thanks for the comment BB.  I agree!  Couldn't have made it without a little ...more