September is National Menopause Awareness Month

There are approximately 65 million menopausal women in the US, and I am willing to bet that most of you have no idea that there is an actual month devoted to raising awareness about this important life stage. Am I right? The only reason I know about it is because I belong to the North American Menopause Society, which is dedicated to the education of both health care professionals and menopausal women. In addition to the fact that I am a gynecologist who specializes in midlife women’s health, I also hit the BIG 5-0 this year....more

How do I find a menopause expert?

Perimenopause and menopause are very confusing times, so it is very important to find the right menopause expert to help you make the best health and wellness decisions for you.It is time to graduate from your beloved obstetrician’s office and find an expert in midlife women’s health. You already know this, I am sure. Being in an office with young, pregnant women is simply not the place for you any longer....more

Your thyroid may be the reason you are not losing weight!

Be sure to read this before getting on your next crazy diet! I see many female clients who are at a loss and completely frustrated at their inability to lose weight, sometimes even gaining weight for no apparent reason!...more

Natural Ways to Ease Menopause Symptoms

While hormone replacement therapy has been effective in alleviating most of the symptoms of menopause, it can present a significant increase in health risks for some. These women are ineligible for using this form of treatment. So what is the solution when the symptoms of menopause reach intolerable levels? There are natural ways to ease the symptoms of menopause. First, it’s helpful to understand what causes uncomfortable symptoms, and next, to know what to do about them with natural means....more

Perimenopause AKA "I can turn you from a bitch to a blubbering idiot in 30 seconds, all while having a hot flash"

I have been healthy my entire life.  I have never had a broken bone, and have only had the flu once that I remember.  However, since I was pregnant when I had the flu that should count as if I had it 3 times.  I mean really, it was pretty awful that as soon as I was done with the first trimester nausea, puking nonsense I came down with the flu so I was right back to puking.  TOTALLY not fair........more
What did your doctor add, or did she, about your little pills?more

Few Tips Every Woman Should Know About Menopause

Do you suffer from sleepless nights, hot flashes and notice an extreme weight gain? These are some symptoms of menopause. You need not have to struggle through these symptoms instead opt for medication that would help you survive through the changes in menopause. Here we’ll discuss some of the facts which your mother, best friend never told you.Even though discussing about this topic is no longer considered a taboo; the expert views regarding menopause by-decades survival guide has been discussed below. Read on to discover how to outwit this next chapter of your life....more

How do Menopause Supplements Help to Alleviate Your Symptoms?

What is Menopause?Simply put, the term literally means the end of monthly cycles. Your body stops ovulating as your estrogen and progesterone levels lower. This often happens during your late 40s to early 50s. For some women, they experience menopause a lot earlier because of their lifestyle....more

How to Stay Healthy and Improve Quality Of Life during Menopause

Facts revealed: How to cope up with menopause?Menopause is normal stage when ovaries began to produce fewer eggs. The reduction in hormone production both progesterone and estrogen causes irregular period and produces physical psychological results in women. This usually occurs in mid ages from 45 and an average age in which women has menopause is 52....more