Screw You, Men's Rights Movement

  When I first heard about the so-called “men’s rights movement” that has been swelling lately, I was skeptical.  Of course I was.  As a woman in this culture, that’s akin to hearing about the “white rights” movement or the “straight rights” movement.  ...more
mouseandboo Men absolutely have some legitimate beefs--and that's a huge one!  Thank you for ...more

Elliot Rodger Is Not The Only Man Who Wants To Kill Women

Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old man who shot up a sorority house in California this week, killed and injured a number of young women because he believed they owed him sex and admiration. He believed in and was wholly part of the men's rights movement—a community that is growing larger as the voices of feminists are growing. It’s frightening and it needs to be known. And the #YesAllWomen Twitter hashtag is giving women a place to tell their stories. ...more
Thank you for writing this.  More women need to be aware of the extent of the manosphere's ...more

How to Unmask an MRA in Ten Easy Steps

In this new online world where voices of marginalized groups finally get somewhat of a chance to make themselves heard, the viewpoints that go against the dominant ideology challenge and make uncomfortable those sitting in a place of privilege. And oftentimes turn them into right assholes...or rather unveil them for what they really are....more