Unpacking What's In Your Tampon Box

Many consumers have gotten savvier about paying attention to the food and beauty products they toss into their grocery carts each week....more

So long, PMS

A woman's cycle is an individual thing. Everyone is different under the hood, so to speak. Some are plagued by cramps, some lower backache, some mood swings, some all of the above. When I first got my period, around the age of 12 or 13, lower back pain and an irregular cycle were my complaints....more


You would think that something all women do – or have done - monthly would be well understood and everyone would know all there is to know about it.  Unfortunately, that is not the reality.  One reason for that may be that our bodies are all different, so we experience the menstrual cycle in our own unique way.   Therefore, basic information doesn’t apply to everyone and adds to the confusion.  Also, there are many myths out there about the PERIOD along with pseudo science sites propagating misinformation, which can make us all a little bonkers.*  Lastly, the m...more
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How to Sync Your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon Cycle

According to our recent poll, 99% of women menstruated on the new moon in their last menstrual cycle. That was 412 women out of 423 women who participated in the poll. Perhaps many of us are synchronizing our menstrual cycle with the moon cycle after all.You probably have heard that in ancient times women menstruated together on the new moon and ovulated on the full moon. I’m delighted to know that the powerful connection between the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle is still very strong today....more

What Do You Say to Yourself the First Thing in the Morning?

“How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day. And how you’re going to live your day is the way you live your life.” ~ Louise HayNow 85 years young, and still going strong with her publishing empire, Louise Hay says that she has her own routine when she first wakes up in the morning. She looks herself in the mirror and says, “Louise, you’re so wonderful.”What a great way to start your day. So many of us rush through our mornings, without catching a breath, and without saying a kind or encouraging word to ourselves....more

"Aunt Flo" and the Female Athlete

No, not Flo-Jo (aka the legendary Florence Griffith-Joyner—still considered the fastest woman ever). I’m talking about our monthly visitor, curse, and any other number of nicknames/euphemisms we women use to describe our menstrual cycles. ...more
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Stress and Periods: Life Happens and So Does Its Impact

Our body is this complex hormone driven system of cause, release and resulting action.   I was going to say something like:  “said more simply”.     However, there is nothing simple about the menstrual cycle and how it happens with regularity every month.  In fact (and I swear this is true), every time I read about hormone secretions that happen over the month to regulate the various aspects of normal body functioning, I am totally amazed that anyone has a “normal” 28-day cycle.  ...more

Sex and Your Health


Hopefully everyone knows that I would never consider the readers of my blogs to be dummies and I was only trying to be catchy and cute (if a more mature woman can be cute!)  In any case, the reason I am writing about this is because I was inspired by a nursing continuing education course (CEU) I am completing on women’s health, titled:  Women’s Health: Contemporary Advances and Trends by Shelton M. Hisley, PhD, RNC, WHNP-BC presented by Western Schools.  ...more

Move Over Midol?

New Drug May More Effectively Treat Cramps  Good news: There's a new drug in clinical trials designed to target dysmennorhea, a condition where the uterus contracts with increased frequency during menstruation, causing severe cramps, nausea, vomiting, sweating and dizziness--all that fun period stuff. Dysmennorhea is the top reason to blame for chicks in their 20s missing school and work...and here we thought it must be hangovers or sample sales....more