Yoga for Menstruation

Yoga Poses for Relief During Your PeriodStomach cramps, mood swings, lethargy, pimples… They bring back memories of painful periods, right? Most women who suffer from difficult periods loathe “that” time of the month and often find themselves at their cantankerous worst during those dreaded days. If you find yourself in a similar predicament every month, you may find Yoga a source of great comfort and relief....more

Is Feminism in the Toilet?

The last few years (OK, decades and really centuries, maybe even millenia) have been challenging ones for women fighting for equal rights. Gail Gauthier at Original Content speculated with a friend that "feminism has gone down the toilet" in recent years. In the Western world, we've been called Nazis, elitists, racists, intellectuals, classists, man-haters, lesbians, witches, and all sorts of other names. (All are true at times except the first slur, which infuriates me to no end.) But a post written by Zachary Mason, a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, which struck me as earnest if not naive, got me thinking about the importance of toilets to women, and what bathroom facilities mean in strict gendered societies. ...more

We are working with this same issue here in Germany, where only until recently, a woman ...more

Ragtime blogging

It's day 29. Does your computer know when your period starts? My iPod just warned me that I'm about to be incredibly cranky. Using my past blog posts as a guide, by searching for key words like "horrible cramps" and "PMS", I found some details of my last few periods to set up the background data. For years I've found myself blogging in the middle of the night while crying and complaining. Then some commenter, usually my sister, will go "Your life sucks? You mean just like how it did right about this time last month?" How embarrassing that it always hits me as a giant surprise. ...more

Wow Denise. Now I want to read that book! My Amazon account is cowering in ...more

Man On The Fence

Ladies, I have decided to shake things up a little. We will now have a new ANONYMOUS MALE Guest Blogger who will show up every so often on this blog. His goal is to explain to us ladies, from a man’s perspective, that men too sit on the fence with many issues. I wanted him to tell us about his life as a great hands-on single dad raising three beautiful kids, and the fence issues that arise for him, but he didn’t want to do it that way. Instead, he wanted to kick off post #1 with another light-hearted point of view. ...more

When You Can't Predict the Crimson Tide (Your Period!)

Riding the crimson tide - your period - can be awkward at the best of times. But, when it's too heavy, too long, too light, or nonexistent -- it can be painful and disruptive to your daily life!  These six things that cause irregular periods will help you figure out why your crimson tide is so unpredictable...and how to smooth the ride. ...more


I am 25 years old, and I have been diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland, a brain tumor. As a result of my tumor, I have also been diagnosed with Acromegaly. This story starts about five years ago in 2003 when I had a seizure, this prompted a CT scan which was the first image of a small pea sized blip on my pituitary. ...more

Oh Boy....

What happens when a menstruating me is cronfronted with a gigantic tub of animal crackers?  Do I play it smart and pass them up or do I turn the tub up over my face and eat the whole container as my horrified child looks on? ...more


I sat in that cold, vinyl chair and stared at my legs stretched out in front of me.   They were covered with a rough textured blanket.  My feet, poking out slightly from the bottom, were being hugged by a pair of kacki booties embossed with the hospital’s name in non-slip decals.  I sat there. Alone.  ...more

This is a lovely and very moving post.  And so thoughtful.  I had my hysterectomy at 44 so it ...more

Mommy's Bloated and Bleeding. Get Excited!

I went on birth control pills when I was 14 years old to take the edge off body-wracking cramps that had me missing school at least one day a month.  I stayed on them (with the exception of that year I got pregnant) until I was 32, then decided I was tired of stuffing artificial hormones down my gullet on a daily basis.   The first month I was wary -- would the pelvic throbbing return? Would I become nauseous with pain again?  Would I have to hold my bloated abdomen to apply counter-pressure to my aching womb? Was it worth it?  Aunt Flo arrived the next month with her bevy of companions:  bloating, irritability, unexplained crying, salt cravings and cramps -- blood-soaked fairies of decades past, hyped up on natural hormones and ready to rock my body for days. ...more

Since having children, it seems, I am not allowed to go to the bathroom on my own.  So I have ...more

Menopause arrived in the mail

I've never been a woman who struggles with aging. At 30, people seemed to expect me to regret my lost youth, and I didn't. At 40, people seemed to expect me to have some kind of crazy crisis, and I didn't. I'm 45 years old and I like being 45 years old. I'm looking forward to 50. Or am I? Though I've never had that aging angst that I read about in women's magazines and women's blogs, I have to be honest and say that there is one thing about getting older that's starting to really bug me - the loss of menstruation. ...more

Have you ladies tried amberen-a natural ...more