Happy Menstruation, My Sweet Valentine

February's period was a B**** -- I'm only spelling it out because I'm not sure if this site is rated "PG" or "Talk As You Do When You Don't Think There Will Be Any Repercussions." A headache until the side of my face throbbed from brow to chin. A back ache that made me question whether or  not it was time to drag the mattress to the curb side (I'm not polluting. There's about three scavengers who troll this neighborhood and make their living by beating each other to others' rubbish left by the curbside....more

Stitch v/s The Crimson Tide

Warning: the following post is funny but it also contains TMI; read at your own risk. Ever since I hit my forties and encountered the funtimes that is perimenopause, my periods have been trying to kill me via exsanguination. I was always a gal who could bleed her some blood, but now it’s like the movie Carrie in my pants. It’s like Dexter lives in my uterus. It’s a nightmare, people. ...more
LMAO!!!!  Love it!!!  (I mean the laughter, not the pain).more

Not Fun. Period.

Gentlemen avert your eyes, if you get squeamish when words like “maxi”, “flow”, and “cramps” are used in the same sentence.  This post is all about going with the flow or, in my case, going against it.  It’s basically an all out bitch session about the curse and catch-22 of being a woman.   ...more