Why you should consider Menswear-inspired clothing

The answer is simple: you can create a sexy and unique look with menswear inspired pieces.  But the key is to pick and mix the right pieces in stylish way.History:This trend started with Coco Chanel’s designs in the 20s. She popularized pants, jersey jackets and cardigans for women. Her designs were stylish and comfortable and soon many women and designers follow this new style. And the trend keeps coming back ever since. How to wear it:...more

Kaliwood Fashion Awards: 2013 Grammys - Men's Edition

So we are doing this little twist on the Kaliwood Awards today because, honestly, I was a little underwhelmed  with the female attire choices at the Grammys this year. All of the ones I loved were models, or girlfriends of artists, and they don't count on this night! I'm not big on the typical eccentric Grammy fashion statements, so this year, we are judging awarding the men of the night! Here you go... ...more

British Casual Fridays

British Casual Fridays I don't know where the title came from, I just feel very British. Like I need to be in the country or something, at Downton. Except without the heels. With the heels I think this is a great look for the office on a Friday or running around doing errands and then going for lunch with some girlfriends. Love the layers, I know I'm biased but I like it...No I love it....more

JCPenney gets you dressed for the office

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and JCPenney.  I have mixed feelings about the casual office; business casual is easier on the wallet, for one thing, and more practical in terms of overall wardrobe building.  At the same time, though, somewhere along the line "casual offcie" became code for "Hey I'll just wear this crappy old hoodie from 1986 because my office is always cold."  No.  NO NO NO.  Absolutely not.   ...more