Being a passenger of a speeding driver can be an ennerving experience.You feel scared, out of control, nervous about your safety, the driver's, the fellow passengers in cars surrounding you.You feel stuck, alone, and you want out.Hold that feeling.Switch scenarios.Only this time you're not sitting passenger.You're walking around in your day.And the speeding driver are the thoughts pressuring you, condemning you, attacking you, sabotaging you.Your innermost self feels week, vulnerable, not safe want out....more

Sojourn with Serenity: Snow-angels and Play oust the Winter Blues

Image by dalechumbley via Flickr ...more

Psychiatry, Social Unrest and Misdiagnosis

Black men have long been overdiagnosed with schizophrenia, according to a new book by University of Michigan psychiatry and women's studies professor Jonathan Metzl.  The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease suggests that black men are diagnosed with schizophrenia at a rate at least five times higher than any other group, a practice that likely began when "experts" made a connection between blackness, civil rights activism, and mental illness.  Metzl's finding is consistent with earlier findings of psychiatric overdiagnoses of people of color and women. ...more

A diagnosis of mental illness is a handy tool to discount people who are reflecting social ...more

Autistic Clusters in Affluent California: Cross Out Some Environmental Causes

Drinking the local tap water won't cause autism.  Also forget chemicals, pollution, pesticides, heavy metals and any other enviromental sources particular to where you live.   Your choice of neighborhood, town, even city doesn't seem to put your child at risk of autism.   Fortunately, we can cross off a slew of suspects from the list of possible causes of autism...      ...more

Nurturing My Now...Step by Step

This is the first in a series "Being True To You" for Tuesday Okay. Here it is. I'm on the edge of my seat blogging from a place of conflict: On one hand I'm experiencing utter frustration with myself which accusingly ruminates: "You're such an idiot. You know better than this. You're so completely weak. There ya go being indecisive, yet again. When are you gonna matter to you? When are you going to become number one to you and commit to your life for cryin out loud?"...more

3 FUN and GENTLE Remedies for Post Holiday Blues

It's Monday. Holidays are history. We're standing in our present and creating our 2010. And the reality of post holiday Monday may be just setting in right about now with our thoughts already piling high with all the stuff we didn't do that we wished we would have like: spent more time with more familysent out thank you cardsmade an effort to see those friendshad more funstuck to our New Year's resolutionget that to do list done once and for all. And on and on and on....more

Healing Self Hatred...a Vital First Step

I've always had a passion for finding the good in someone, zeroing into it, celebrating it, valuing that individual, either from afar or more directly to them in words or deeds. This just has kinda always been a trait of mine. My uncle actually used to giggle when I'd write a note to him on a birthday card. "Tre always makes me feel so much better than I really am." I used to laugh when he'd say that....more

The Beginning

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Poor Kids Prescribed More Antipsychotic Drugs? The Power of a Poor Graph

Children on Medicaid are more likely to be prescribed antipsychotic meds than those with private insurance - and for less severe conditions - that's the front-page news in Sunday's New York Times.   So I read the article with interest, expecting something dramatic in the results of a new study that left me wondering if the media has stretche...more

Teaching While Mentally Ill

Imagine trying to teach while voices in your head are telling you your students are trying to kill you.  That has been a reality for Elyn Saks, a professor of law, psychology, and psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the University of Southern California's law school.  This week Saks published an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education documenting her personal experiences with mental illness in academia. ...more

Thanks for bringing an issue to light that's only discussed behind closed doors. This is a ...more