All Kinds of Crazy

Yesterday, Miriam Carey rammed into barricades near the U.S. Capitol. When police gave chase she injured two officers by smashing into their cruisers before crashing her own car. Afraid that she was trying to commit terrorism and unaware she was unarmed, the police shot her. Then they found that she had had her baby in the car with her the whole time. That’s “crazy”, right?...more

Controlling Your Anxiety (or Why I Talk to Myself)

There are the days I give myself a high five and tell myself I rule. I love those days. So, it's a bummer that in the last week I haven't had any of them. Between emergency room visits and me just kind of sucking at being a mom, I had entered a shame spiral about it all. What was wrong with me? I have always refused to have two bad days in a row and it worked. But I couldn't pull out of my mama funk. I was all, "This sucks. I need a vacation"  and "Why do they keep NEEDING things from me?". I lost my mojo....more

It's okay to make suggestions for my OCD but...

After I outed myself with my 1 Voice in a Million piece about my OCD-Skin Picking Disorder, I got a lot of feedback from family and friends. I didn't expect the emotional reaction I received. It's not like the scars and scabs suddenly appeared over the last couple of months....more
In truth, I don't know anything about OCD, so there isn't much that I can contribute. I am sorry ...more

Childhood Trauma Linked to Depression

I saw a patient the other day, who is battling depression. She and I were talking about some of her early experiences as a child and there came that moment when I could see that no matter how resilient or  strong a person is, it's extraordinarily difficult to recover 100% from being treated badly.  ...more

A Word on Health Care and Mental Health Treatments

There's been a lot in the local news lately about mental health care and health care reform on a local and state level.  I couldn't help but address two of these articles in a few blog posts.  One of the articles was a report on how a local hospital is closing its mental health facility; another was about a push for value-added health care reform in Ohio. Check out my blog posts, complete with links to the articles, here: ...more

The (sad) state of mental health care

The National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates that 1 in 4 Americans experiences some kind of mental disorder every year.  Additionally, 6% of Americans will experience a serious mental illness, such as major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, among others. (source:  "NAMI, About Mental Illness")Sadly, though, there is a serious lack of mental health care available to people who need it, and insurance is often lacking in its financial help. ...more

The Problem with Handing Out Happy Pills

There are a few things in life that really get me going.  I guess you would call them my pet peeves.  Today I was reminded of one of them as I spent some time on Twitter connecting with my friends.One of my friends lost her husband not too long ago.  It was a devastating loss for her.  My heart and support went out to her....more
This post offends me. Doctors just do not hand meds out like candy. I am on 60mg of citalopram ...more

Tucson: A Vivid Reminder of the Mental Healthcare Crisis in America

I have to say that I have been appalled at the capitalization of the Tuscon, AZ tragedy for political purposes. Even more disturbing than that is the fact that the mental illness factor was so terribly overshadowed by politicians trying to attach the shooter’s motive to Sarah Palin or the Tea Party or the Right-Wing Republicans, rather than face the real, hard-core issue which is the mental health crisis in America. ...more