Things I Wish You Knew About My Mental Illness

This one goes out to the naysayers, the ones who insist that mental illness is "all in your head," that it can be "snapped out of." This one goes out to the people who can't fathom the darkness and can't understand the internal pain. Here are the things I wish you knew about mental illness. Here are the things I wish you knew about me and people like me, because we walk the streets beside you. We sit beside you in the subway. And we're your friends and family members....more
#StopTheStigma   Gracias for sharing, for being so honest and eloquent on a subject we want to ...more

Needed: More Respect for Struggles with Mental Health & Motherhood

                I recently attended a food writing conference in Richmond. During one of the sessions, a panelist mentioned that in addition to her work for Eatocracy, she was also working on a book about mental health and her own anxiety and depression. I got the sense that public ownership and admission of that had been a long time coming, that she hadn't always felt the strength or support to do so....more

Looking For Attention: The Stigma in Mental Health Discussions

We’ve all heard it before. “Oh, she just needs to stop whining. She’s only looking for attention.” “I hate vaguebooking. It’s just attention-whoring. I’m going to block and hide him.” “God, she NEVER shuts up about feeling depressed. If she’s that depressed, she needs to get help. No one else wants to hear it. She just wants attention.”...more

Mental Health Stigma-Still Very Much Alive

I read a blog post regarding mental illness and the dispensation of medication and this post made me angry.  It made me angry because it is clear that the person who posted it has no experience in dealing with mental illness, made several presumptions based upon her own lack of knowledge on the subject, and then passed judgment on a situation she knows little about.   It has also pushed me to speak up. ...more

Since Loughner didn't haver a prayer rug...the Media refuses to call him a Terrorist

The tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona have left our country shaken to the core. I sat glued to my television on Saturday afternoon, flipping channels as I soaked up the coverage. Representative Gabby Giffords was originally pronounced dead by several media outlets but she miraculously survived a gunshot to the head by gunman Jared Lee Loughner.  Representative Giffords was holding her regular “Congress on your Corner “  with her constituents at a Safeway grocery store. Six were killed and 13 wounded on Saturday. ...more

Time Takes Stigma To the Max With "Psychotic Nut Job" Mothers

Yesterday I happened upon a story from Time magazine’s Healthland on the results of research into why women kill their newborns. The first three sentences shocked me so much, I couldn't read further to learn about the study: ...more

Thank you for addressing this. People don't understand what can lead a woman to harm or kill her ...more