Do your kids call things "retarded"?

At Wired today, I'm tackling the R-word:It's Way Past Time to Stop Saying Things Are "Retarded"And all over the internet, in movies, and at the playground, people are still using “retarded” and “retard” in disparaging or eye-rolling ways. It’s time to stop. Way past time. I’ve heard some parents express a sense of helplessness over the subject — they don’t like that their kids say, “That is soooo retarded,” but the kids pick it up at school; what can you do?...more

22q11.2 One Mothers Story

This story is written by my dear friend Jana.  She introduces us to her life with her son who has been diagnosed with 22q11.2 also know as DiGeorge Syndrome and VCFS -Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, and Shprintzen Syndrome.   She blesses us by sharing, with raw emotion, her experiences as she parents her delightful little boy.  He faces a future that can only be described as unknown.  Those of us who are parents can only imagine the terror Jana and her husband, Bill,  must have faced with each new diagnosis, each obstacle that Jana describes below....more

This story had me in tears. Just an incredible situation. Bless their hearts. They are in my ...more

And then there was one....Chelsea's beautiful life story.  ...more

miracles in action

***This is a re-post from last year (and the year before! ...more