Life on the Borderline

Like many in my generation—I’m 50 years old—I grew up in a home that was wildly unpredictable. My mother could seem attentive, even loving, at one moment, and fly into a rage over something as trivial as my leaving my handbag on the kitchen table the next. Much of my mother’s wrath was aimed at my father. She picked fights, shrieking obscenity-laced accusations and demands, and when that didn’t work, grew stonily silent until her next explosion. My father dealt with my mother’s baffling behavior by walking out the door for a day, a night, a week, at which point my mother would then turn her anger towards me. As a child, unfortunately, I didn’t have the option of leaving....more

…but No Broken Bones, Cuts, Bruises or Blood should mean I am Fine…

Ok, I realized I abruptly closed after my recap of all my child hood injuries. The point I hoped to make, if I cannot see a physical sign of injury to my body then nothing must be wrong. So many people think along these lines. If you are one of these people we may share a similar work ethic. Never enough time in the day, always shaking and moving to close the next deal, make it to a meeting, conference call, no lunch (what’s lunch?). We never stop. We thrive at work....more

Time for a Rewrite: Mental Health in Primetime

Last year, a study in the UK found 45% of characters on primetime television with mental health issues were written as dangerous or potentially so. This month, the World Health Organization reported 45% of young adults, ages 10-24, struggle with mental health disorders - these numbers aren’t adding up....more
 @GaelMc I would be interested in this group.  I write a blog about compulsive hoarding at ...more

Tim's Story

How do you explain when it began? I didn’t know at the time what was going on. But hindsight, as the saying goes, is 20/20. I often wonder if we’d not taken things our pediatrician said as gospel, not questioned a specialist who made a judgment call, pressed more for information, if we wouldn’t be in a different place than we are today. Much of our story is my and my husband’s hindsight, looking back on events and milestones with much more clarity than we possessed when it originally occurred. Our family story is still evolving....more

Decoding the Signs, Averting the Violence

The issue of mental health is again in the headlines with the tragic, and senseless shooting of Gabby Giffords and others in Tucson, AZ. This latest news is all too familiar.  Someone goes on a shooting rampage and the media, mental health experts and law enforcement struggle to find lessons in the aftermath. While some commentators believe that right wing rhetoric incited the young man responsible, it is now becoming clear that he suffered from some type of mental disturbance....more

depressed, anxious prone to eczema and carpal tunnel, problems sleeping ,heartpalpatations, welcome to hypothyroidism!

 i have been struggling with depression on and off for years, always suffering more in the winter months. hah i chalked it up to a  self diagnosis of SAD seasonal affective disorder. This year my bout started january, november and december were crucial months in the making of my january depression. i had falling outs with my only siblings, stopped speaking to them and i was trying to find a new place to live bouncing from place to place between july and november. i found a place in late november and my kids and i had a sparse xmas....more
Thank you for sharing your story. You are helping many women by sharing your story. I was ...more