Three Moments That Helped Me in Foster Care

I never knew a single kid who ever wanted to be in foster care. No kid is proud to be born into a broken home. Then you add foster care on top of trauma, which creates a litany of other problems such as: exposure of family secrets, a separation of siblings, lack of certainty or stability, disruptive family interruptions, spotty educational records, and a village of workers who don’t communicate with each other....more

My Role Models are Mamas

I have had a draft of this post in Wordpress for a few years now. No lie. For the last few years I have been so motivated to have more, do more, be more and have my own. Some of that drive came from becoming a mom. Some of it came from watching some of my favorite mama moguls do what they do. It doesn't matter that they have way more money or notoriety than I do, they still inspire me....more

Finding a Guide

2014 did not start out that great for me I was lost professionally and my blog didn't seem to have an angle or real end game per se. Now, I know what the value of having a mentor is. First, I started with a personal mentor whom for all the problems in the world works at teaching me to "take it down a notch" and realize the problems I have are not all that bad comparitatively. ...more

Extraordinary Bosses as Mentors

Think about what it feels like when someone listens to you. I meanreally listens. They do not interrupt. They do not look like they are planning where to go to dinner or what they have to say to someone once you finally shut up. They are there with you.What a great feeling. Often you end up telling then more than you expected. You end up finding the solution to the problem that has been gnawing at you just as they are about to say something....more

Daily Prompt: Cheering Section

Daily Prompt: Cheering Section by michelle w. on November 7, 2013...more
Debra, I just found this, and I'm honored that you mentioned me. What a nice surprise! Thank ...more

Happy Birthday Rev. Jackson!

Today is Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. birthday and I honor him with a this blog post that  I originally wrote in on Father's Day three years ago ...more

Paul Carrick Brunson's Tips for Choosing Your Mentor

See the original post at!  ...more

Meeting working professionals can help expand career options

" perception of what I want for my future would change completely"...more

I Never Meant To Be A Mentor

   Mentor is a little word with a lot of weight. It is defined as: A wise and trusted counselor or teacher, an influential senior sponsor or supporter.That's a lot of pressure!!  It's a responsibility. We all wear a lot of labels in our lives and some of those thrust us into the position of mentor whether we mean to be there or not. ...more

Saying Goodbye

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. Actually, I can believe it. I have been inundated with work, my children’s afterschool activities and life in general. For most of the summer, I have enjoyed the highs of life: vacation, skydiving, rafting and spending time with family and friends. Autumn has not been so kind. I have been dealing with the lows in life: illness, death and other hardships of life. My mother has been experiencing health issues, including a stint at the hospital. She is still dealing with her health issues....more