Be your own mentor

It hurts. It hurts to see brilliant, amazing, talented women struggling to find a mentor. These same women who struggle to find their mentor do not realize that there is a line of women behind them wishing they could have HER for a mentor. ...more

Women Entrepreneurs Finding Mentors Through Global Ambassador Programs

Women have long been underrepresented in the business world, currently owning only 29 percent of the nation’s small businesses. As this number continues to climb, it brings promise to female professionals, who still struggle to earn the same salaries as their male counterparts....more
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An Unfamiliar World - Volume 2 - The First Night

I am sitting in a room that has no windows. Well I guess there are windows on one wall, but they just look out into the next room, which has no windows. In this room you don’t know if it’s night or day.  You can’t tell what time it is because there is nothing on the walls, not even a clock. The only furniture in the room are plastic chairs....more

An Unfamiliar World

I step out of the car in the dark. I look around for a parking meter and then remember it’s after six and I don’t have to pay. I approach the building with a bit of nervous tension. I am out of my environment, out of my comfort zone....more

Every Woman Has A Mama-Heart

A few years ago it occured to me that in my thirty-ahem-something years, I have been positively influenced by many women, but I have also had the joy to be able to encourage and mentor others as well. I believe that women were designed by God for close relationships…not just with their spouses and biological or adopted children, but with all kinds of other people. As women, we problem-solve through communication, find comfort and are encouraged by community and we are wired for emotional attachment, nurturing and taking care of others....more

Queen Bees

"Queen bee syndrome" describes women in positions of power who, rather than mentoring other women, work to keep them from advancing on the assumption that there can only be one woman at the top.  These are women hating women - as if the women hating men weren't bad enough. ...more

What's the Best Way to Find a Mentor?

I recently got a question from a gal, Sharon, that is on point for so many of us, I wanted to share with all of you: She asked, “Circumstances are changing in my life and I want to make a career move.  What’s the best way to find a mentor who can help me figure things out?”I’m sure lots of gals are nodding their heads right now thankful that you asked this question!  Life keeps changing for all of us and our career should grow, morph and change with it....more

BlogHer--Why Not Live Up To Your "Empowerment" Tagline?

For a network that purports to advance and "empower" women, BlogHer is doing very little to advance women in science.In my travels, I connected with another woman scientist that also feels she's beating her head against a brick wall to get BlogHer to feature anything but mindless "fluff," and feature some articles on what women are doing in their respective scientific fields.  Each time we suggest, we are met with, "We'll pass that on :)."  Yes, with the smiley.  Shaking my head here.......more
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Four Books That Mentored Me

I’ve been mentored by the wonderful books I’ve read. I don’t think that books are meant to replace personal mentors, but as Ware says, they tide one over. They keep you thinking and learning while you wait and pray for a new mentor or more time with an old one. ...more
That is such a lovely idea, and I immediately realised that this is true for me, too!   One of ...more

Without a Doubt: a Conversation with My Younger Self

This July I will turn 40. I’m not afraid of it, I’m kind of fascinated by who I’ve become. As the girls are getting bigger and as each birthday puts more distance between my 20-something self and who I am now, I consider what almost was. What if I had stayed so completely insecure? ...more
@Amanda_Magee I have featured this article in my online paper, Access Profiles - Week in Review. ...more