Mom's Potato Salad

One of the things I remember from growing up is my dad always saying my mom made the best potato salad in the world. I’ve been wanting to make my mom’s potato salad for some time now, but the things is, my mom didn’t use a recipe. She just knew what to add and how much. So it was not in my box of recipe cards I had copied from her box of cards years earlier. I checked with my sister, but she didn’t have the recipe, either. So I tried to go from memory....more
My mom is deceased and I regret never learning her Puerto Rican recipes. Pernil (roasted pork), ...more

Candy Road Brownies

This past weekend we had spontaneous plans fall together. Basketball season for Roo ended with a tournament and we ended up throwing plans together with friends afterward. Now I can usually think pretty quickly when it comes to meal plans....more

Favorite Potato Recipes

 The Irish and the potato have quite a long history. Most people think of the Irish Potato Famine in simple terms - the potato was a dietary staple and when the crop was wiped out, the people starved. ...more

Corned Beef in the Crockpot

I’ve mentioned many times before that I am an Irish girl. My dad figured out that my siblings and I are 7/8 Irish. My mom was born and raised in Ireland, so all of my ancestry on her side is Irish. My dad’s mother was born in Ireland, and his father was half Irish and half Scottish. So I have grown up on a lot of traditional Irish meals. ...more

Favorite Winter Meals

Winter is feeling especially rough this year. After a few mild winters here in the midwest, I had been lulled into thinking winter wasn’t really that bad. Then this winter came in like a steamroller to remind that winter is, indeed, that bad. I’ve had a definite case of the winter blues, with the sleepiness, melancholy, and general lack of motivation that goes along with seasonal sadness....more

Romantic Dinners You Can Make At Home

Love is in the air this week! While I view Valentine’s Day as a bit of a Hallmark holiday, I still like to have a little fun celebrating it. I like helping the kiddos with their cards for classroom parties, and while The Coach and I have never done any elaborate gifts for each other, we do like to at least acknowledge the holiday and use it as a chance to let each other know how crazy we are about one another....more

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

I love a good casserole in the fall! Nothing like lots of good ingredients, stirred up together and cooked up hot! Plus, casseroles are usually a great way to use leftover chicken or turkey. I often have just about two cups of chicken leftover when I make any of my crockpot chicken meals. Casseroles are perfect for repurposing these leftovers....more

Favorite Fall Meals

I love fall! I used to think summer was my favorite season, but the last few years or so I have really fallen in love with fall (sorry, summer!). The days are not too hot and not too cold, the nights are crisp, the colors are beautiful, and the bugs are gone! And fall in my little corner of the world brings an amazing color display, as well as a bounty of fruit and veggies....more

Week 63: Grilled Chicken Legs

One of our favorite meals in the house is grilled chicken legs!  My kids flip for any food they can eat with their hands, so a favorite for them is chicken legs, corn on the cob and asparagus because they are all finger food!  We worked with what we had on hand tonight, so we couldn't do all finger food.  Emilie (our 6-year-old) was Daddy's big helper tonight, so she seasoned the chicken with Emeril seasoning, helped season the roasted potatoes and put the green beans in a steamer....more

Weekly Menu Plan #48

Week 48: Steamed Artichokes! Oh, how I love steamed artichokes!  I don't think I ever ate a steamed artichoke before I met my husband. Seriously he served artichokes to me for the first time at a dinner where I met his dad.  I was 'schooled' on proper eating techniques by my husband, his dad and his younger brother!...more