Beginner's Guide to Meal Planning

I get asked about meal planning a lot. I get asked about if it is easy, if it saves me money, if it saves me stress. Yes, yes, and yes. Meal planning is one of those skills that I am confident I rock at. ...more

Meal Planning to the Rescue!

Meal Planning to the Rescue!Story and photos by Angie Sutton, I love this time of year because it seems like we have an excuse for eating in a different way. Often we find ourselves dining at the picnic table outside or grabbing a bite on our tailgate at the ballpark. The central theme to these meals seems to be ease of preparation, portability and quick to eat! ...more

Best Burger Recipes

Summer time is grill time in our family. And the classic cheeseburger makes its appearance on our weekly menu plan at least once every couple weeks, if not more. ...more

Sunday Dinner Ideas

I love the idea of Sunday Dinner. The family gathered around the table enjoying a meal that was loving homemade. I know, it seems a bit Mayberry-ish, but that's kind of what I like. A throwback to simpler times. ...more

Five Ideas for On the Go Meals

photo credit: chrismar via photopin ...more

Secret Taco Recipe

The Coach and I have a running joke – every time I ask him for a dinner idea, he says tacos. I know, this probably doesn’t seem all that funny to you, but it came about because he asked me to make tacos so often....more

10 Ways to Use Hard Boiled Eggs

So we did the somewhat obligatory dying of the Easter eggs. I refer to it that way because, while my kids have fun doing it, it's nothing they love. So we never really make a big deal out of it. ...more

Breakfast Casserole Round Up

It's almost Easter! I think as much as I look forward to a good ham dinner, I look forward to a good breakfast casserole just as much! Years ago we started a tradition of having breakfast with my family, then church, then dinner with The Coach's family. ...more

Party Menu Planning

So this past weekend we had a little party at our house. We had some celebrating to do – just a couple days into the new year my husband was named the new head football coach in our little town! So we wanted to get all our old friends and our new coaching folks together to hang out and have a little fun....more