Secret Taco Recipe

The Coach and I have a running joke – every time I ask him for a dinner idea, he says tacos. I know, this probably doesn’t seem all that funny to you, but it came about because he asked me to make tacos so often....more

10 Ways to Use Hard Boiled Eggs

So we did the somewhat obligatory dying of the Easter eggs. I refer to it that way because, while my kids have fun doing it, it's nothing they love. So we never really make a big deal out of it. ...more

Breakfast Casserole Round Up

It's almost Easter! I think as much as I look forward to a good ham dinner, I look forward to a good breakfast casserole just as much! Years ago we started a tradition of having breakfast with my family, then church, then dinner with The Coach's family. ...more

Party Menu Planning

So this past weekend we had a little party at our house. We had some celebrating to do – just a couple days into the new year my husband was named the new head football coach in our little town! So we wanted to get all our old friends and our new coaching folks together to hang out and have a little fun....more

DIY Menu Planner with Scrabble Tiles!

In part of our budget-friend meal planning efforts, I ...more

Crockpot Favorites

This winter is just about driving me insane! The snow and cold temps are a little more than I can bear these days. I have a definite case of the winter blues. Which is why I am especially grateful for my trusty crockpot. I can have a warm dinner ready when I walk in the door from work. So I can slip into my fleece pj’s and be as lazy as I want!...more

Meal planning prep

 How I do love a good...more

How to Use Wonton Wrappers

My, oh, my – is this girl ever ready to get back to the regular routine and structure of life! The holidays were a flurry of fun, excitement, and awesome family time, but my family thrives on structure and routine. And our eating habits during the holidays – let’s just say it was not our normal fare!...more

Austerity measures in the kitchen

 Half my problem: Shopping hungry and without a list."Do you have any idea how much we s...more

Turkey Cranberry Wreath

So this year, we got to enjoy three Thanksgiving dinners! One with my niece and her family, one with my in-laws, and one with my sister's family and our parents. And I got leftover turkey from two of the three dinners. I have a couple go-to recipes for holiday leftovers. My favorite Thanksgiving turkey leftover recipe is for a Turkey Cranberry Wreath....more