Holiday Horoscope: Welcome That Lucky Sagittarius Sun!

Are you ready for a busy, bouncy, upbeat good time? Well, that’s what we get when the Sun prances into Fire sign Sagittarius tomorrow, Wednesday November 21, 2012. (The symbol for the optimistic 9th Astrology sign is the half man/ half horse Centaur – usually with a wine pouch.) Perfect, just in time for a holiday gathering. Share laughs, share food, share Sag philosophical wisdom. Spread cheer!...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Communicating with Mercury Retrograde 12/7/11

This reading is definitely influenced by Mercury’s retrograde …..Communicating in conversations, exchanging ideas, being patient, helping others by listening, are all part of the positive flow of today’s energy.Opposing Energies: fixed/rigid thinking, immovable, inflexible, deceptive.Unfortunately there is edginess and opposing energy also.Be aware of impatience and have forgiveness.Use caution with your knowledge, and refrain from being a Know-It-All just for sport and feeling superior....more

Sagittarius – Sun, New Moon, Eclipse, Venus, Mercury: Wow Weekend

Friday November 25, 2011, with both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, should be a fun day for a retail extravaganza. Not that you should have one, just that the spirit and energy will be there to support you. Actually, a “New Moon”–is a great time to launch, create, kick-off, start something. Power is amped up with Mercury, communication planet, Venus, the planet of love / beauty, and both luminaries all in perky Sag, can lead to lucky, optimistic times – find the greatest bargain, the perfect gift, the bestest tree, manifest a dream. Or, you can hang out with family and friends – socializing works....more
@astrosandy It's wonderful ;)more

Virgo Moon Weekend 11/18/11– All About Those Details…

From Friday afternoon, November 18, until Sunday afternoon, we are under the influence of the earthy, discriminating, detail oriented, practical Virgo Moon. Ruled by analytical Mercury, you may notice an inclination to critically focus on details, no matter how small – which might be an irritant to others, but things will get done! (Remember to delegate.) Just watch what you say and how you say it. No need to sear anyone with your critiques....more
Perfectly in line with how I wanted to spend my weekend! Thank you!more

Busy, Talkative Weekend Gemini Moon 11/11/11

Friday afternoon, November 11, 2011 gives us a weekend of this Mercury ruled Air sign’s communication focused energy. As an example of its dual nature,  a set of twins is the usual symbol for Gemini.  So, we can interpret that as a chance to manage two things at once successfully – scrabble and crossword, chat and charm, read and write. Just remember to breathe – everything doesn’t have to happen at warp speed....more

Mercury and Power Plants: a punch in the gut for all parents

The comments are in. The docket is closed. The EPA will now consider the thousands of comments that were submitted by the public about its proposed Mercury and Air Toxics Standards – also known as the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units. The Moms Clean Air Force has worked hard to mobilize moms and dads to write to the EPA about the proposed rule, so we’re taking a deep breath....more

Astrology: Sun Into Busy, Versatile Gemini, Saturday 5/21

The characteristic youthfulness of Gemini has nothing to do with immaturity. It is a curiosity for new places and things, the enjoyment of doing several things at once and the willingness to adapt that keeps the wrinkles, mental and physical, at bay. They almost always look younger than their age. Fun, flirty, festivity loving, focus challenged, flexible, flighty (Full disclosure – I have a Gemini Sun, so I’m really having fun w/this ...more

Astrology: Feisty Aries Moon For This Weekend 4/29/11

An extra oomph, an extra buzz are just some of the possibilities as a result of the Aries Moon transit beginning on Friday April 29, 1:33PM Eastern/ 10:33AM Pacific.  Got something to do, something to start, something to face???Tap into the Fire sign’s energy. Aggressive planet ruler Mars is still visiting this peppy sign, along with Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury – powerful. Hmmmmm. ...more

Astrology: April 2011 * Aries – So Many Planets, So Little…

Wow, there will be days in April that Aries (Fire Sign, ruled by the Warrior planet Mars, 1st sign of the Zodiac) will be playing host to 5 planets plus the Sun. Potent, powerful, persuasive, passionate, potentially combustible energy can result. (I ran out of “P” words to convey how “in your face” this could be.) ...more

Thought You'd Like to Know about Mercury

When talking about the safety of vaccines...more