Pork loin #sandwich I do like it!

Hello there! I wanted to cook something quick after a long day at work, luckily enough I had some organic Pork Loin cooked down with fresh peas, potatoes, carrots and thyme sitting there that someone else in the family had for lunch ( lucky them!)  I didn't feel just having a previous cooked lovely meal, I had to put my spin on it, so I've decided to turn an already amazing dish into an equal impressive sandwich. ...more

Buffalo Grove Merlot: A Six Dollar Beauty?

I used to consider myself a Cabernet Sauvignon type of girl. I loved the rich red hues, bold flavors, and the security of what to expect when ordering a glass of wine when out at a restaurant, but recently my taste have changed.  Now I would say that I gravitate more towards Merlot and Pinot Noirs (which is unfortunate because of the Pinot's more expensive price tag), but I find these two reds range of taste more broad, and usually more enjoyable as well. ...more

Scottish Lamb Stew with Barley, Turnips, Carrots and Merlot

In Nairobi, there is a place called “Carnivore” where you get to eat all kinds of wild animals from zebra to gazelle to giraffe to lion. To read more, click http://7th-taste.com/2012/01/01/scottish-lamb-stew-with-barley-turnips-c...  ...more

The Annotated "Sideways"

Many people who liked Sideways remember it as the film where that guy hates that one wine. When I first saw it I was distracted by the frequent dropping of the F-bomb; recently I watched it again, and was pleasantly surprised at how funny it is. I also was pleasantly surprised to find that I could understand the wine references, which helped distract me from the F-bomb. Here are a few oenophilic notes: ...more