I am a Soap Whore and a Mermaid Died in My Bathtub

I love soap.  I go to the store for one thing and come out with soap.  Dr. Bronner's is my favorite, if only because his labels are the manifesto of a raving lunatic.  The peppermint is worth every maniacal word.  Luckily my soap thing is not hard on the wallet like, say, a shoe fetish would be.  But it’s officially a vice.It’s an easy vice to have as no harm is being done except exacerbating my dry skin problem and perhaps depleting the earth of its essential oils. ...more

"Mermaids: The Body Found": Stranger Than Fiction, Or Just Fiction?

Animal Planet billed it as a documentary. I caught wind of it on Twitter and immediately set my TIVO (or, y'know, the crappy cable company loaner I call a TIVO -- whatever). We put the kiddo to bed, and settled in to watch the two hour Charlie Foley piece Mermaids: The Body Found....more
Mermaids! I wish I had known it was on and would have watched it for sure.  Love Mermaids, and ...more

Sometimes Mermaids Have Pumpkin Heads

When I was younger, I loved the movie Mermaids. I think I loved it because… Who doesn’t like mermaids? The 3 main female characters were brunettes. I’m a brunette. Finally!...more
lol! I haven't seen that movie in years and now I am tempted to watch it again :)more

All Things Under the Sea

http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4da48837b32d8eef55a64ddc/under-the-sea-the-mermaids-world?index=0Christina Colwell mixed media  part of mermaid treasury...more


It was 6 something in the morning - just out of the shower with wet hair and just enough time to pull on one pantleg before I ran downstairs to make breakfast. The lightning speed in which school mornings take place in our house is the norm. ...more

New Shop for me!

I have opened a second shop online and wanted to share it with you: My Studio URL: http://aheartofmersea.artfire.com . Come on by and stay a while! ...more


For the last few months I have been becoming increasingly unhappy with my art style and with my art biz. I have started sketching a lot so I can get better and am trying new things. My husband says I should take some art lessons like watercolour so I can broaden my horizens so I will contact some of the local artists to see who gives lessons. ...more