Does High Concentrations of Vitamin C pose Anticancer effect on Mesothelioma Cells?

What the new researches tell to us. Some times more simplest answers are under our nose and are obvious answers. This article is dedicated of Woman's who fight with Cancer and organizations which initiate support and research on medical level to help woman's.  High dosage of concentrated Vitamin C has been reported to induce anticancer effects by killing of cancerous cells of mesothelioma, prostate cancer, colon cancer and many more. High dose of vitamin C is also called as ascorbate in biological terminology. ...more

More Cancer Centers and Doctors Encouraging the Use of Reiki

I wanted to share with you an article forwarded to me from and written by Jack Bleeker in April 2010. When I read it I realized it was definitely a wonderful article to share with all of you. We’ve all been affected by cancer either directly or indirectly, whether it’s knowing someone who found the courage of embracing the lessons within the experience and continuing to live out their soul’s purpose or if it is someone who was courageous, learned and moved into the next experience in the angelic realm....more