Embracing your inner slob

I like a neat house. I am not the type of person who cannot sleep if the house is messy, but I will make sure to give it a thorough clean on the weekend when I can devote some real time to doing so. When my home is clean, I feel more calm and rested in it....more

Abandoning My Obsession with a Clean House

Aside from EVERYTHING related to the challenge of writing every single day this year for my self-imposed challenge, one of the biggest hurdles has been allowing for my apartment to get messy. ...more

Call to Moms: Make an Effort with Your Appearance

I love everything about being a mom except the lack of time I have for myself! There have been countless books, stories, blogs, etc. in regards to this topic, but I want to share all the little details that most of us mommies don't discuss. Like the other day, I went shopping for some quick groceries for dinner and didn't take enough time to look in the mirror. Had I done so, I would have realized that I had finger paint in my hair and on my face....more
too true!...I need a tune up myself, this is good advice, there's always a little more pep in ...more

The Messy Experiments Of A RUN-ABOUT Baby

  The terrible twos. ...more
 @motherofnine9 Ha! LOL ... I love that phrase "dead pan!"  One word ... Men!more

Doodle Per Diem #13

Today's doodle is the jumbled mess I drew while watching Sherlock.Laurel Green is the author of laurelgreen.com. You can also follow her on twitter @Laurel_Green  and friend her on Facebook!...more


All moms have moments in their day when they say out loud, “REALLY??” We stumble upon treasures that make us exclaim, "REALLY??"  through laughter, tears, or clenched, angry fists. A good example of a public “REALLY??” moment is the case of Andrew Weiner putting inappropriate photographs on his public Twitter account. REALLY?? Lately I’ve been doing my best to remember some of the more interesting “REALLY??” moments in my life. Here are just a few from the last few months. Feel free to comment with your own doozies. 1....more

3 reasons why Lifetime should cast my boyfriend in a lead role

Blog Directory   .....................are they casting? because I have a handful of reasons I can pull out and show them for why my boyfriend should be the lead in their next lifetime drama. Get a load of this!...more

My Dirty Little Laundry Secret

Oh, the difference 2 hours can make!...more

Ten Tips For Delegating

  by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore How many times a day do you utter a version of the sentence, “How can I get _ to do _?” It could be as simple as getting your son to take out the garbage, your daughter to clean up her room, or your husband to prune the overgrown tree blocking the driveway, but it is a constant source of stress and frustration. And then what happens?...more

Are You Living with your Organizational Opposite?

By Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore   What’s your type? No, not tall, dark, and handsome or strong and silent. It’s neat freak vs. total slob. You probably never even thought about it when you were falling for your mate’s puppy dog eyes, but now that you’re living together, it’s probably one of the first things you notice. Opposites do attract after all. If you’re the neat freak, the clutter and lack of organization can feel like a personal attack. That pair of shoes left in the middle of the bedroom? It’s like a dagger straight to the heart....more