5 Reasons It's Great for Kids to Grow Up in a Messy House

On a daily basis, our messy house really depresses me. I mean, before I had kids, I was a clean person. How did I let this happen? I just can't seem to keep up with the mess—and my kids (and husband, let's be honest) are like the worst, most disgruntled maid service you would ever want to have. I knew something had to change, but what? Teach our dogs to take out the garbage? Buy a fleet of Roombas and have them constantly bumping into our ankles? As it turns out, the only thing I had to change was my perspective. ...more
Ha Ha. I'm going to save this and share it with my adult children. I need my own documentation ...more

Finding Joy in Chaos

“Welcome to OUR home. We love kids, animals, plants and even you. Just come on in!”...more

Yeah, That was Completely Unexpected

Yeah, That was Completely UnexpectedOn April 25, 2014, in Crazy Stuff, by Jennifer McPherson...more

Trading Cable for a Clean House

Two weeks ago, I had a housecleaner come to our house for the first time ever. I was worried that she would say that it couldn’t be done. She said that she was going to have to bring a helper for the first cleaning. She said it would take a very, very long time. And even though it would mean cutting back on other things we valued in our budget, I agreed to it right away. ...more
Loved, LOVED your post and honesty. Wow! I will admit that once-upon-a-time my house was kept ...more

My Dirty Little Laundry Secret

Oh, the difference 2 hours can make!...more