From my personal blog.My laughter echoed into the frightened silence on the other end of the phone.“Oh, come on,” I said, not realizing that the lack of response wasn’t forced. “It’s funny now, but all that stuff you said when we were kids was a joke, right?”Again, there was only silence. Finally, he said, “I don’t like to talk about that anymore. It was scary.”“Right,” I said, still laughing. I finally realized he wasn’t, nor was he working to hold any humor back. “Wait, are you serious?”...more

What is the Root Chakra and How To Balance It

What is the root chakra, you say?  Some people pronounce it sh-akra and some people use the "ch" at the beginning of the word.  Either way, it's the very first primary chakra of our energetic body.  The primary chakras are energy centers corresponding to various physical, emotional and spiritual parts of our body.  There are 7 of them.  The root chakra is also known as the 1st chakra.  It is located at the very base of your spine....more

How to Use Sage for Smudging

I recommend smudging to many of my clients, students and callers on my radio show as a way to clear negative energy and negative entities.  Many ask for tips on how to use it.  So, in the video included and in this article, I relay the history behind smudging, the reasons for using a smudge stick, the best type to purchase and how to burn sage to clear negative energy and entities....more

Chased by Destiny

Destiny is aligning events by presenting coincidences to see if I bite on the bait that I’m supposed to.  Sometimes I sin for not following my gut, sometime I rebel against but If it is meant to be, it will come back to tease me until I end up doing what I’m supposed to....more

Self Concept and a Good Day

When I call myself a housewife, someone whose life is boxed in by cleaning other people's sh*t off the toilet, my life seems pointless and derailed. I resent my husband and snap at my kids for leaving clothes on the floor. I fixate on every smudge that separates me from household perfection. I turn into someone it horrifies me to be, the mother who's All Nag All The Time. I wonder in misery: how did I get here? ...more

Amen!  This gave me a big lift.  I can control what I call myself, and I define who I am. ...more

Living at the edge

Living at the edge Leaping off a cliff as I did in my previous entry is something we only do when we are at the edge. That makes sense. Leaping also results in the greatest progress. After all, once you're airborne, you either learn to fly, or learn to die... ...more

Great leap of faith

The dream of the house became unbearable today. It seemed so far away, with time running out. I've been waiting for the final piece of the puzzle - the one thing that would bring it all together. I waited. I waited and tried to let go, really I did. Images of me at that house flipped through my mind, like some kind of crazy slide show. I saw myself there, sleeping, writing, having a real life. Then I looked at who I was, and where I was. There was a gap between the possessed and the predicted. How would I ever get from here to there? ...more

Whole lotta wonderful

Ten Thanksgivings have come and gone since I wrote the Sacred Imagination entry. Ten years of watching the seasons change through the windows of my lake house. ...more