Evadng a Death Sentence

Evading a Death Sentence ...more

I'm Sick of Cancer, But it Won't Be a Good Day When My Treatment Stops

There is a bell in cancer centre chemotherapy unit. Every time someone has their last treatment, they ring that bell in triumph and the unit explodes in applause. But not me. If I was dozing, I keep my eyes closed. If awake, I stare fixedly at my book. It's not that I'm not happy for whoever is walking away. It's just that, while I'm sick of being a cancer patient, it won't be a good day when my treatment stops. ...more
CatherineTheWriter I welcomed the opportunity to get our voices out there, especially admidst ...more

Count Them, Know Them, Join Them--Just Don’t Forget Them!

Women living with Metastatic Breast Cancer need Awareness too!...more
angellealbright Novartis “Show the #advancedBC community that they count. Sign up to be counted ...more

Read This, Then Dig (If you can)

It's Saturday morning, November 2nd, 2013. How is it possible that just with the turn of the month, the leaves that are still hanging on the trees have turned from brilliant shades of red yellow and orange to ugly brown? And the weather has changed too. It's definitely November in Wisconsin....more

For Those Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Researchers are surveying people living with metastatic breast cancer about how they make treatment decisions. If this applies to you, please consider taking the survey. Their deadline for the survey is November 11. Thanks so much. SURVEY  ...more

Changing the conversation about cancer

After a weekend workshop with 800 energetic, amazing, committed women (including 8+ incredible bloggers and 30+ awesome metastatic women) fired up to fight for the END of breast cancer at the National Breast Cancer Coalition Advocacy Training Conference, I have new energy and new spirit and new FIGHT in me, both against this horrible disease in my own body and against its formation of tumors and spread in bodies (called metastasis) in genera...more

Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Are You At Risk?

Not all breast cancers are created equal...And of all types of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer is the most deadly (as well as on the rise).  The reason it is so deadly is because it is virtually invisible. So, what makes inflammatory breast cancer so much more deadly than other types of breast cancer? ...more