Discipline and the 2 Year Old!

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Clorox's new dish liquid avoids the carcinogen in many green products

A new greener than green dishwashing liquid's hit the green market. No, the cleaner doesn't contain phosphorus -- or bleach or phthalates or petrochemicals. Most impressively, this dishwashing liquid also avoids 1,4-dioxane -- a cancer-causing chemical that even well-respected green cleaning product companies have said can't be eliminated without without compromising product quality. ...more

This is really helpful information. I'm just in the process of making the switch over to ...more

BlogHer Business Day One: Social Media Outreach Case Studies

Case Study #1: General Motors Synopsis: Last November General Motors approached podcasters The Manic Mommies about sponsoring the first-ever Manic Mommies Escape Weekend. GM’s sponsorship focused primarily on providing transportation options toattendees. ...more

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