Cannellini bean dip with a Mexican twist

  Fajitas are on the menu at home tonight, one of the kids favourite things and a must have on the table are always the dips, so here we go with the first dip......more

Meatless Monday ~ Mexican Mushroom Taco Cups

 It’s Meatless Monday, the football is coming on and you are running out of time. No problem! These Mexican Mushroom Taco Cups are the perfect appetizer, snack, treat, or meal. Just whip up them up for a fast and easy supper option on busy weeknights when you’re just getting home in time for the Monday night football game!...more

Healthy Chilaquiles

The Ceviche Project: Story of a Brave Foodtrotter Girl & Lime Zest Ceviche Recipe

One of my best (recent) culinary memories belongs to Holbox (Mexico).We were out on a boat excursion and I was as hungry as one that has just faced one of her greatest fears can be.I HAD JUST SWAM WITH A WHALE SHARK....more

The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Menu Planner

Cinco de Mayo is next Tuesday, and you know what that means: It's time to fiesta! Aside from Southern food, Mexican food is my favorite cuisine, so naturally Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays. I'm not typically one to post a roundup for every holiday and occasion. However, I have so many Mexican-inspired recipes here that I just love so much, and I want to help you plan the ultimate menu for the holiday. So whether you are throwing a big blowout or just enjoying some Mexican food at home, I've got you covered. ...more
Yum, yum, and yum again! It will have to be Cinco de Mayo every day of May and even into ...more

Low Carb Mexican Pizza

Cilantro is absolutely my most favorite herb & I use it as much as possible. When I was in college, one of my best friends introduced me to Salsa’s Mexican Caribbean Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina & my love affair with cilantro began . If you’re ever in Asheville, do yourself a favor & stop in for a meal at Salsa’s (you will be so very happy you did)....more

REVIEW | Fonda Lola

What better way to start (or finish) a night than with some tequila and tacos?Fonda Lola offers that, and much more in their relatively new establishment on the West Queen West strip. Nestled between Liberty Village and Little Portugal, Fonda Lola stands out thanks to their “Mexican-with-a-Twist” dishes – made from locally sourced ingredients – and creative drinks that will leave you asking for more, por favór!...more

My Love Affair With Mexican Food - Lentil Tacos with Homemade Salsa

This is pretty much everything you'll need. Well... you don't need the wine....more

Zesty Chicken Enchiladas

 Zesty Chicken Enchiladas  ...more

Enchiladas, Margaritas and Micheladas - Ole!

I feel the same about Cinco de Mayo as I do about St Patrick’s Day. Both have become perverted by the alcohol industry in America (particularly the beer industry). What started as a celebration of ethnic pride has in many cases just turned into an excuse to go out and drink heavily. Ugh! So, am I selling out by sharing some Mexican recipes? Probably, but there is a slight irony to today’s recipe....more