Black Bean Enchiladas... Arriba!

 **Please note: all food posts are from my previous blog The Flexitarian Kitchen. I've kept them here because... well, they're good recipes. And it's late. And I'm tired of adjusting my settings. Think of these recipes as the free prize in the bottom of the cereal box!...more

Classic Chicken Enchiladas

Now that I've discovered a few block cheeses that are lactose free, chicken enchiladas are back in my heart and stomach. ...more

Tomatillo Chicken Tacos

Growing up in an Italian family kept me isolated for many years from foods that did not fall into the Italian-American diet. Tomatillos were one of them, until 2008. Oh, what I missed all those years! I timidly started with salsa, and eventually worked my way up to one of our family's favorite dinners: Tomatillo Chicken Tacos. ...more

I've never made anything with tomatillos, will have to try this recipe. My kids love tacos, ...more

Black Bean, Potato, and Chorizo Enchiladas

I set out to create a an enchilada recipe packed with flavor, low in fat, and high in veggie matter and I'm thrilled to be able to share my success with you!  These black bean, potato, and chorizo enchiladas are absolutely delicious and will definitely take care of that craving for fattening Mexican food at a fraction of the fat and calories. This recipe came in at just under 250 calories per enchilada on two different nutrition calculating programs....yay!  Even adding a bit of low-fat sour cream isn't going to break the calorie bank on this one. Get...more

Slow Cooker Sunday - Cheesy Onion Enchilada Casserole

This will hopefully be a regular feature on my blog.I have been craving cheese and onion enchiladas lately. I desperately miss Don Pablos. I have tried other Mexican places but I have yet to find one that replaces them. :(I usually make them in the oven but I have to say no matter what I can not get them to turn out like the ones at Don Paublos. No matter if I barely put any sauce on them or no sauce at all they turn out too mushy or turn out too dry (without sauce). Good but mushy....more

Ruining the Day of a Waiter-What is Wrong with Me?

You know what’s an inappropriate phrase to use in any social situation? Donkey Punch. Let me set the scene for you....more

Cinco de Mayo: How to Make Flour Tortillas

Homemade flour tortillas offer a tender, flaky and light texture that store-bought could never duplicate. The recipe requires some improvisation based on the number of servings, but contains only four ingredients: flour, olive oil, salt and water. ...more

My MIL always used lard and no one made them better than she did. I would make them with ...more

Cheats for Ethnic Cooking: 18 Pantry Must-Haves

New Orleanians cook practically everything with a mixture of diced bell peppers, onions and celery, commonly called “The Holy Trinity.” All cuisines have a few can’t-live-without ingredients; That’s what distinguishes chicken parmigiana (Italian) from chicken creole (Creole) and chicken creole from chicken tinga (Mexican). The easiest way to feign a mastery of different ethnic cuisines, is to know the key ingredients....more

Michele AKA Goldilocks

We’re in the market for a new mattress. When we were deciding what to put into storage before moving a few weeks ago, our mattress didn’t make the cut. It was a great mattress when new- almost 20 years ago....more

Wanna come see my MacLaren?

This past weekend Peej and I headed to Pittsfield to be showered with baby...think 'It's Raining Men,' but with pastels. Delicious food, adorable [teensy] presents and a couple dozen of the East Coasters I like best. Also- more than five instances of "I cannot believe how HUGE you are," to which I reply: a) Believe it. ...more